Mass player review (Vieira, Lehmann, David luiz, Keane and more!)

FIFA19 5 - Mass player review (Vieira, Lehmann, David luiz, Keane and more!)

So I've seen this format quite a few times and decided to give my two cents.

The players I will be discussing are:

  1. Base Larsson
  2. Base van Basten
  3. Base Roy Keane
  4. Totw Pepe
  5. Base Vieira
  6. Flashback David Luiz
  7. Prime Lehmann
  8. Futmas Murillo

So for context, I play the following team right now:

In game this changes to a 433(4). Furthermore I am a high Division 3 player who thinks he will get into Div 2 soon but who knows. Also I've managed to choke Elite 3 pretty much every week so far. So I'm not a great player. Now on to the reviews. I will try to keep it short.

1. Base Larsson: At the time that I packed him in my Base Icon SBC I was dissapointed but boy did he turn out to be a game changer for me. Although he has 86 pace, he seems to be able to outrun almost any defender (really struggled with Scream St Juste for some reason). Passing is decent, physical is very good but it's the finishing that made me be so happy with him. The man is lethal from anywhere near the box and ofcourse in the box. Very Very solid for me. Also something worht mentioning, he scored so many corners for me. His stats for me are 331 goals in 354 goals. Currently unable to see the assists because of Web App.

Rating: 8/10

2. Base van Basten: Just meh really. For his length he is suprisingly agile and dribbles very fluently. However he feels really slow whilst covering longer distances and his passing is just horrendous. As you could expect by the rating, his shooting is top tier. Finishes almost everything, but have to admit that I liked the finishing of Larsson more. Larsson just seems to have some hidden shot power, whilst van Basten is very accurate but the power doesn't feel quite there. Fun player to use, but couldn't hack it for me. No idea on his stats because I sold him a while ago.

Rating: 5.5/10

3. Base Roy Keane: My luckiest pack pull of Fifa 20 unfortunatly. I got him from a pack I got for completing the Scream Ozil objective. Pretty sure it was a 5k pack. I've tried everything with this card, and normally I am not opposed to using slower cards in midfield but he just wasn't good enough for me. He just misses pace, as cruel as that sounds. When you get near him you will lose the ball, but the problem is that he can't really get near to people. I've tried him on so many occasions in so many different teams, since he is untradable and I really wanted him to be good, but he just doesn't fit the current meta. For me it's a no.

Rating: 4/10

4. TOTW Nicolas Pepe: I would like to state that I am an Arsenal fan (yes F me right) so I might be biased towards him. I really like him as a player in real life and I bought his OTW card really early this game cycle for 160k. Now he finally got his TOTW, but I played about 300 games with him before that. He got replaced by POTM Gnabry at some point, but came straight back in my team when he got his in-form. Now boy o boy does this card feel good. He has it all. Lightning quick, very very good finishing, overpowered finesse shots on his left, to strong for his stats and his skill moves feel very quick whilst executing them. Considering he is only 80k at the time of writing this, I would highly highly recommend getting this card. His 83 was insane for me, but this card just blows every other RW I've used out of the water. He does it all, and always seems to find himself in the right positions. What I like about him most is his AI decision making to be honest. He always chooses the right time to get in behind or to stay put. I try to use the L1 and R1 commands to send him in behind or to come close, but when I don't have time to do that, he always makes the right decision. He feels so much better in that regard opposed to Mbappe who I find to be standing still a lot when I want him to make a run. I will stop drooling, but trust me, this card deserves a spot in your team unless you have any form or Messi.


Rating 9/10

5. Base Vieira: Boy o boy will I sound biased whilst reviewing this card. Like I said, I am an Arsenal fan and my love for Vieira is a little to much. I decided to try him because I want him from Icon swaps. But I didn't want to risk getting him and him not being good. So I tried him. And boy o boy. I will just keep it short. This guy is everywhere, and will dominate your midfield. Honestly a game changer. His presence alone would be enough, but with his long legs he just lunges in and gets the ball of people. He's already worth it considering being able to bully Sisokko around the pitch. Just don't do finesse longshots with him. Ever. Powershots are fine, but don't finesse. Trust me. I will leave it at that because I would like to sound as objective as possible.

Rating: 11/10

6.Flashback David Luiz: Amazing centre back who gets the job done in every part of the pitch. Honestly what you can expect for the price and maybe a bit more. Replaced base Hierro for me and I never looked back. He simply doens't get outpaced, can get the ball of everyone and his distribution is perfect. Added bonus is that he scores a lot of corners and his free kicks feel like nothing I've experienced before. I have Roberto Carlos who is supposed to be insane at freekicks, and he is pretty good. But David Luiz feels so consistent. I've never scored so many free kicks, and when I don't score the ball will hit the bar or the post. He never blasts them whereas Carlos did that like 50% of the time. Would recommend to everyone. Will give him a 9 since he performs as he should based on his price.

Rating: 9/10

7.Prime Lehmann: Every since MATS didn't fit in my team anymore I've been looking for a goalie that comes close to him. In recent weeks I've used Alisson, Ederson, Flasback Neuer, Futmas de Gea and Sczesny. These goalies are all shit. Honestly I don't know how I was able to use Alisson and Ederson before I got MATS. They are so bad and let in so many goals. I was really hesitant on spending 190k on a goalie, but I decided to just do it because something had to change. Now with Prime Jens in goal I feel safe again. He really seems like he is on the level of MATS and has some animations I've never seen before. I know MATS has the save with feet trait but I have to admit I have rarely felt as comfortable with a goalie. Better as MATS for me, although it is just by a bit.

Rating 9/10

8. Futmas Murillo: Bet you guys didn't expect to see this guy on this list. I have a feeling I am one of the few people who have completed this lad. At the time I was really looking for a fast and Agile centre back since my Nesta got rinsed on those two aspects. He came in and secured himself a spot. I really find him to be a very very solid centre back. He turnes so quick and feels very very fast. Combine that with his very good defensive stats and physical (having an anchor on him really helps) and you have a very very solid centre back. Not saying he is on the level of VVD and David Luiz, but he is just below that. Levels above guys similar to Nesta.

Rating 8/10

Let me know if you guys enjoyed this. I have used quite a lot of players and played this game way to much. Sorry if there are any obvious spelling or grammatical mistakes, english is clearly not my mother tongue.

Apologies for the long post, hope I was able to help someone!

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