May Monthly Mod Team Update – “So The ‘No DST’ Thing Lasted, Huh?” Edition

FIFA19 6 - May Monthly Mod Team Update - "So The 'No DST' Thing Lasted, Huh?" Edition

What's good people, it's your third favourite mod's third favourite mod
Davelbast - May Monthly Mod Team Update - "So The 'No DST' Thing Lasted, Huh?" Edition/u/Davelbast, and welcome to the fourth edition of our Monthly Mod Team Update.


April was a fun month wasn't it? Based on user feedback, we started with implementing the trial removal of the DST and re-implementation of the Daily Discussion Thread in its place. Based on very vocal user feedback, the trial was ended after less than three full days and our favourite stickied AM/PM thread returned to its rightful place, where it watched the DST posts dry up across a grateful sub.

Whilst we appreciate the DST doesn't always get the level of involvement we'd like, we hope that you can see the need for it given the state of /new in the few days it was gone. The DST, like everything in our sub, can only thrive with your input, and we're open for ideas on how to improve participation.

Meme Mondays

The conclusion of last month's poll was pretty close, and you guys voted
to keep Meme Mondays for the time being, and allow them their own separate posts. As it's now been a month or so of Meme Mondays, we'd like your feedback in the final stage of its trial. Therefore, we have one last poll which will decide the future of memes in our sub once and for all.

You can vote on memes in FIFA here.

On a related note, we're going to be cracking down a little on memes from now on. Low-effort memes will be removed without warning (for example, posts including a generic image and just a title). Furthermore, memes incorrectly flaired will also be taken down, so that Old Reddit users with CSS enabled on desktop can have the option to filter out memes should they choose. For newer users, or for those unaware, Old Reddit can be accessed at Which brings us to our next update…

CSS Changes

Aside from the meme filter, you may have noticed that we made a few changes to the CSS layout for Old Reddit. This includes a new announcement bar, new upvote/downvote buttons, and some general cosmetic niceying. We're still working on changing it for New Reddit, but you can expect it soon.

Sheffield United's Promotion to the Premier League


With the mighty Blades' promotion to the Premier League confirmed last week, many users (me) were worried about how much the incoming United chat will drown out other, less deserving posts in the sub. I'm pleased to announce that after no discussion whatsoever with the rest of the mod team, we will be implementing Sheffield United Sundays from this week onwards. On SUS, only posts related to the greatest team in Yorkshire will be allowed. So prepare yourselves for riveting posts, such as ‘The 5 reasons why Bramall Lane is the best stadium to play in on FIFA 20’ or ‘This is why I think Paul Peschisolido deserves an Icon card in FIFA 21’.

Weekly Objective Find-a-Friend Thread

Over the course of a week, /new gets filled with at least 100 different posts of people wanting to complete the new weekly objectives. As of last Saturday, we now have the Find-a-Friend thread for you to post your weekly objective needs in. Just post your platform, gamertag and the objective you'd like to complete and you'll be able to match up with another compatible member of the community to score those ever-so-necessary 17 headed goals with left-footed players born in the Year of the Monkey (with Aquarius star-signs). You can find the Weekly Objective Find-a-Friend Thread for this week here, as well as in the announcement bar on Old Reddit.

The WOFAF Thread will be updated weekly, so you can always be sure you're working towards the latest objectives. I think I've just about worked out how to make Automod do the threads, but if not then look out for it being posted sometime on Friday evenings.

Posts of the Month

I'll be honest, I had every intention of writing up a post last month but real life got in the way and before I knew it, I'd completely forgotten about it and it was already too far into the month. Therefore, the upcoming PoTM will be a combined March and April edition. We've got a few posts saved, but if there's any you'd like to recommend then please let me know, either by tagging me in the post (that goes for any post you see moving forwards as well), or linking to the post in the comments below. PoTM will be dropping later this week.

We'll be providing an update on the future of memes in FIFA in the next week. As always, your feedback to all things FIFA-related is welcome either through modmail or in the comments of this post.

Until next month week's Meme update, peace!








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