Meet The Greatest Super Sub In FIFA 19

FIFA19 10 - Meet The Greatest Super Sub In FIFA 19


The little (5'5) Japanese winger, with 4* skills and 4* weak foot is the greatest supersub. You want a fast lad? 92 Sprint Speed and 92 Acceleration. But wait, your probably thinking "Hey if he's that fast, he's got no finishing or a terrible touch, or some other trait that makes him overlooked."

Well let me tell you friend, that isn't the case. He's dripping in more finesse than Cardi B and Bruno Mars, and the ball sticks to his feet like glue. And when the pressure is on, he won't wilt under the lights with his 84 composure.


It sounds like hyperbole, but he strikes fear into your opponents more than any Icon card could. Because you are left wondering how this little guy could knife his way through your entire defense and bang in a screamer without breaking a sweat. Oh wait, he's got 94 stamina. After the first or second goal, expect your opponent to try and slide tackle him into next week.

You're Welcome, You've Been Warned

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