Most efficient way to get all weekly objectives.

FIFA19 7 - Most efficient way to get all weekly objectives.

So you want to get a new player from the weekly objectives or maybe you just want to get some swap players so you can still work towards getting an untradeable RM Makélélé, well I'm here to help you towards you goals with a little effort as possible. I'm going to assume you want all the objectives (even the balls) as soon as possible so with that said lets get down to business.

EFL Players

Now lets start off easy and get two EFL players out of the way, you will need to build a EFL championship team which only features English silver players & you will only be playing online single matches. At the moment prices are not too bad and even if you do have to pay a bit you can probably get the money back after you have won the 5 games.

For the objective you are purely just looking to win games, nothing special just get the win.

Winning 4 games will reward you with – Max Aarons

Winning 5 game will reward you with – Teemu Pukki

Squad Battles

Good news you can now sell all the silvers you bought and start using your main team again.

For this stage you will need to play at least 2 squad battles games on professional difficulty or higher and will need 1-3 fairly decent strikers / finishers who are from the Republic of Ireland ( I personally bought Walters Ipswich card for 900 coins). Now you will need to score at least 2 goals a game with your ROI players, dont worry if you cant fit them in your team you can sub them on at the start.

For the objective's you are looking to win 2 games by at least 2 goals and score a total of 7 goals using ROI players, In an ideal world you would want to play 2 games and win 3- 0 and 4-0 scoring all goals with ROI players.

Winning 2 SB games by 2 goals gives you – James Norwood


Scoring 7 goals in SB games with ROI players gives you = James Collins

** Bonus Opportunity **

If you're winning well and have time left you can use this opportunity to sub on a Champions League rare player, all you have to do is get 1 goal with this player in 4 separate games in ANY FUT game mode.

Ball unlock – assuming you have only won your first EFL games by 1 goal (or made your opponent rage quit) you will now be the proud owner of a Adidas UCL finale ball.

FUT Swap

Now assuming you have been lucky buy this point you should have 4 shiny new PoTY cards and made some progress to getting a FUT swap player. Now to get these FS players so you can continue towards your base icon, assuming you subbed on your UCL rare player you need 2 more wins at this stage. We are going to be going online again as we need to win 3 more online games.

Now the objectives we are going for are to win 8 online games, you already have 5 wins from the EFL players before so you now only need 3 online wins and during those 3 games you are looking to score 1 goal with a UCL rare player, dont worry if they dont fit in your starting line-up you can sub them on.

Scoring with a UCL rare player in 4 different wins will give you – Swap deals player I.

Winning 8 online games will give you – Swap deals player II.

Last ball unlock – You just need to play 2 friendly season matches, no need to win just play 2 games with a mate and have them quit after 10 ingame minutes, doing this will give you the Adidas UCL Finale winter ball.

Thats pretty much it, best case scenario you have played and won 10 games, got 4 new players, 2 FUT swap players and a nice new pair of shiny balls. Hopefully this was helpful to some people who are a bit restricted on time this week.

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