Most satisfying win in the history of wins, maybe ever

FIFA19 4 - Most satisfying win in the history of wins, maybe ever

Since I didn‘t have much time to play this weekend and I was already regretting qualifying for Futchamps because of that. Anyway, I‘ve found some time this noon to play some games and maybe get to Silver 3 at least, which was only 1 victory to go.

I won that first game and told myself to give it a go and try to win another 2 games to get to Silver 2. And you see, this is where the trouble began.

Faced a team featuring Hazard POTM, Auba POTM, Ferdinand, VVD and many more. Fu*k me, I thought and conceded the first goal in the 15th Minute by a first-touch timed finesse 180 no-scope by Hazard. Apparently, the opponent was so excited he started dabbing. Then 15 minutes later, he scored the second goal which he celebrated by dabbing again.

Now that encouraged me even more to beat the guy and I made a great comeback equalizing and even gaining the lead. 3-2 and only 20 minutes left.

Then something happened, that had to happen. He scores the 3-3 in the 88th minute by a finesse longshot after I tackled the ball of his feet several times. Once again he dabbed.


Telling myself to keep calm since it’s almost christmas, we came to overtime and only a few minutes into it, he again scores a finesse long ending in a very long dabbing celebration. But I didn’t give up yet. I wholeheartedly fighted against this menacing loss because I couldn’t let someone like this win. I just couldn’t accept that someone that plays and behaves like this would get the victory and so I played and played and surprisingly my subbed Mahrez scored the equalizer. Everyone freaked out and I began cheering for myself in front of my PS4.

Overtime ended and the penalty shootout began, in which I lose most of the times. But not today. My areola saved one of his first 4 shots and I outplayed him, finishing every attempt I had. Then we came to the defining moment. We both knew he had to score this one to remain a chance to win this game. He stepped up, shot and ARE-fu*king-OLA saves it. I felt so much satisfaction, ran to the side and dabbed. I normally never do this, but I felt like this guy deserved it.

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According to a popular saying, who laughs last, laughs best or in this particular situation: Who dabs last, dabs best.

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