My Club Team of the Season

FIFA19 5 - My Club Team of the Season

wak9j6ybgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

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With the Team of the season around the corner, i wanted to something different. During this fifa, i have used countless players, and formed a bond with many of them. I wanted to highlight my favourites in this post.

This team contains the players that performed the best, surprised me the most or that i liked the most. I tried to select players from every team i used throughout the game, and not just pick players from my current team(s). The cards rating is the rating of the card i included + 5. The stats are upgraded based on how i felt that the player played like.

Finally, English is not my first language, so if you spot any grammatical errors, please let me know so i can fix them. With that being said, let's get into the team!

The Team:


7qqsjf2dgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: NIF

Position: GK

Most goalkeepers i’ve tried this year have ranged from bad to absolute dogshit Courtois has been one of the very few exceptions. While he does make some stupid mistakes from time to time, he often makes insane saves to make up for it. His best quality as a goalkeeper is probably his ability to save 1v1s. His kicking and passing are also very good, especially compared to some other goalies i've tried

Alex Telles

oh7m0vgegtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: RTTF

Position: LB

Telles is in my opinion one of the best all-round fullbacks. His is very solid defensively. He can keep up with most of the pacy wingers and can often dispossess them. Offensively, he is one of the best fullbacks on the game. His crosses always seem to reach their target and he gets lots of assists for me.

David Luiz

vcekfh6fgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: Flashback

Position: CB

I had to decide between the Baby icon or Flashback Luiz SBC. In the end, i decided to go for David Luiz, and it was one of the best decisions i made this year. With an anchor chemstyle, every important stat is at least close to 99. His defending is insane, and he has enough pace to recover the ball when i make a mistake. He is also a big threat on corners, scoring a surprising amount of goals. Finally, his amazing hair is a big bonus. His only problem is the fact that he gives away a lot of penalties for some reason.


5gufoycggtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: Headliner

Position: CB

Skriniar is a very weird player. During my games, i never really notice him, until he somehow pulls out an impossible tackle or block to prevent a goal. His sliding tackles are amazing. I can safely attempt a slide tackle in a dangerous position, knowing he will probably win the ball without giving away a penalty.


tceicqohgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: TIF

Position: LB

Defensively, Cancelo is nothing special. He gets the job done, but is not amazing. Offensively however, he is great. His crosses are very good, and he even gets a few goals from open play. He can also score some goals from corners. His pace allows him to join the attack and still be back in time to defend.

Roberto Firmino

oaamwp5igtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: Futmas

Position: CAM

Futmas Firmino was my clubs best player for a long time. His dribbling feels very smooth, and he can easily glide past defenders. His shooting is also amazing. He seems to score at least a goal every game, no matter how bad i played. His pace can hold him back at times, but his dribbling more than makes up for it.


e62wulsigtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: OTW

Position: CM

Witsel is good at everything. His interceptions are very good, he is amazing at winning the ball from an opponent, is decent at dribbling has amazing longshots. Besides this, he is much faster and stronger than his stats suggest. All in all, this jack of all trades is also an master of all of them


ecxd56hjgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: Prime Icon

Position: CAM, LW

Prime Nedved is by far the best player i have used this year. He can score from everywhere with both feet or his head, can easily dribble past opponents to create a chance or give a perfect through ball to a teammate. What surprised me the most about his card is his defending. He often tracks back to recover the ball or fill in for my fullbacks (who i put on attacking), and starts a lot of my counterattacks. Even when he gets back to defend, he is still always in the right position in the following attack, despite his average speed. If you have not tried him, i cannot recommend him enough.


50v1z20kgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: FUT Birthday

Position: ST, CAM, LW

Fut Birthday Perisic is probably the best striker i have used on fifa. He can do almost everything. His shooting is insane. His finishing is only 86 but feels like in the high 90’s, His long shots are also much better than expected. His speed and dribbling allow him to easily get past most defenders or get on the end of through balls. His height combined with his heading make him almost unbeatable in the air, and allow him to score a lot headers. I used his NIF earlier in the game as a wide cam, and he was very good as well.


j8qmubmkgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: NIF

Position: ST

This was the first “big player” that i bought this year, and he did not disappoint. His shooting is unbelievable and he just doesn't miss from anywhere inside the 18 yard box. He has great physical and can out muscle a surprising amount of center backs. He also has enough dribbling to get past most defenders, especially in the earlier stages of the game. The 4* 4* is also a nice bonus.


81wmo8plgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: POTM

Position: RW, CAM

Like everybody else, i completed this card at the start of the game. Using his card was basically cheating. He was incredibly fast, could score finesse shots from everywhere and had a good cross. I tried to replace him multiple times, with players like Mbappe and Bale, but always went back to him. I still use him as a supersub.



diuq5f2ogtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: NIF

Position: GK

Handanovic is the best goalie i have used on this game. He regularly pulls off insane saves, and makes a lot less mistakes than most other goalkeepers. On corners, he is immense. Since i bought him, i almost never concede any goals from corners. His distribution is decent. It is not amazing, but i have seen much worse (Looking at you, RTTF Fahrman!)


ivab573pgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: TIF

Position: RB

While using Lala, in never see him do anything special. He is decent, but does not have that special something to make him amazing. However, he always seems to claim the MOTM reward. Because of this, i had to include him in this team. Also, between all of his different versions, he might be the player with the most appearances for my club. I used his first IF when he first came out, And have used every version since.


hvfat8bqgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: NIF

Position: CB

Varane is basically the complete center back, especially at the beginning of the game, when i used him. His defending stats are great. He can easily win the ball from your opponent's attackers. His physicals are much better than his stats suggests. He can easily outmuscle strikers like Lukaku or Mandzukic or out jump players like van dijk on corners. However, his best attribute is obviously his pace. He can easily keep up with the fastest strikers and win the ball from them.


oja1gfzqgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: NIF

Position: CM, CDM

As we all know, Fabinho is the best CDM in this game. His height, defensive work and stamina make this card the perfect CDM. He intercepts every pas that comes near him, feels a lot faster than his stats suggest, and even scores a surprising amount of goals from corners. To top it all of, he has insane stamina and can easily keep running for the entire match.


5ag16bvrgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: NIF

Position: ST, CF, CAM, RW

Using the small belgian magician should be considered cheating. His insane speed allows him to outrun every defender, his dribbling allows him to easily glide past defenders, his high positioning and finishing means he can score for fun and his finesse shots go in from almost everywhere. Above all thought, is his ability to somehow out jump or out muscle towers like VVD or Ferdinand, despite his low height and abysmal physicality. Throughout the game cycle, i have used every version of Mertens in every attacking position, and he never disappoints. Despite this, i chose his NIF for this team, because he feels the most special out of all of them.


rbr392esgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: NIF

Position: CF, CAM

Alejandro “Papu” Gomez is basically Mertens lite. He can do everything that Mertens can, but for a lower price. He is just as fast as mertens and might be a even better dribbler. The only noticeable difference between them is his slightly worse shooting, which is still amazing, but not quite as amazing as Mertens’


yr9x4wzsgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: IF

Position: ST

This card was insane when it first came out. His height coupled with his jumping and heading accuracy means he scores almost every cross you aim his way. But he wasn’t just a one trick pony. His positioning allowed him to finish a lot of my attacks and his hold up play was immense as well. His only downside is his pace, which he does not really need in his role.


s25ypihtgtw21 - My Club Team of the Season

Card type: IF

Position: RB (CM, CDM, CB)

I originally bought him for his strong link to Futmas Thiago silva, but he quickly became one of the stars of my team. His main quality is his insane strength, which allows him to outmuscle even the strongest off attackers (He can even beat Mertens). His height also makes him a huge danger on corners. Currently, i still use him as a supersub on CM, or to score a last minute corner


(I just realized that i am only allowed to use 20 images per post, so just imagine there is a picture of the card here )

Card type: IF

Position: CB

Stark is definitely my biggest surprise this year. I bought him, thinking i was just gonna use him for a week or two, until i could afford better a better CB, but he stayed in my team for much longer than two weeks. His pace is obviously his biggest asset, but he can do much more than just run quick. His 83 strength allows him to bully weaker attackers, and his defending is much better than expected. He is also a surprisingly good passer, especially for a centre back.


(I just realized that i am only allowed to use 20 images per post, so just imagine there is a picture of the card here )

Card type: Futswap

Position: CDM

This card was probably one of the best deals I made this fifa. I paid nothing, and got one of the best cheap CDMs on the game. His interceptions are great, and his standing and sliding tackles are much better than his stats suggest. His high strength allows him to bully my opponents attackers and disrupt attacks. His other stats are not that great, but they don’t need to be for a CDM.


(I just realized that i am only allowed to use 20 images per post, so just imagine there is a picture of the card here )

Card type: NIF

Position: CM

This card was my favourite part of my starter team. He was banging in long shots for days and was a great box to box midfielder. I used his second inform later on, but he just didn’t feel the same, which is why i decided to include his NIF instead.


(I just realized that i am only allowed to use 20 images per post, so just imagine there is a picture of the card here )

Card type: NIF

Position: ST

This was the first card i bought for my team this fifa, and he did not disappoint. Together with Delaney and Rebic, he carried my starter team, scoring more than a goal per game in my first 20 games this fifa. He dropped of a bit after that, but deserves a spot in my clubs TOTS for those special first games

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