My Club TOTY Part 1: The Forwards

FIFA19 7 - My Club TOTY Part 1: The Forwards


As I've played nearly 2000 games this FIFA and tried out an obscene number of cards, there are certain players that performed above and beyond the rest. I've grown attached to many of them and they have become a staple in my team. With this series of posts, I aim to share my personal experience with these cards and my evaluation of them. The card design is custom made using colors from the Atlanta United badge, as it's been my club badge since the beginning of the season.

This first post spotlights the standout forwards from my club.

ll9nhchv7gk21 - My Club TOTY Part 1: The Forwards


Dries Mertens (ST)

6cjh0xqg8gk21 - My Club TOTY Part 1: The Forwards

Origin: FUT Champions Reward – 1st IF

Games played: 726

Goals scored: 607

Assists: 350

By now we have all agreed that this Belgian midget is a cheat code. He has the pace and the agility of Messi, the positioning and goal scoring instincts of Cristiano Ronaldo, but it is the unfathomable, inhuman strength and jumping powers of Van Dijk, Ferdinand and Campbell combined he somehow possesses that makes this card deadly. Playing in a 2-striker partnership with Scream Mandzukic (whom I regrettably sold and would've easily made this shortlist) and, later, Kevin De Bruyne (more on him below), he has been terrorizing defenses since the week good fortunes bestowed him upon my club as a FUT Champs reward pick.

Perhaps the best thing about Mertens is his High/Low work rates. He never strays too far from advanced positions, focusing solely on getting in behind that defense and doing so with absolute efficacy. Able to shoot from any angle in the box after beating a defender or two and clinical with his first time finishes, the 88 Mertens card has a special place in my heart.


Kevin De Bruyne (ST/CF/LAM)

fxelqgwgcgk21 - My Club TOTY Part 1: The Forwards

Origin: FUTMAS

Games played: 559

Goals scored: 407

Assists: 262


Now, you guys might laugh at me for playing De Bruyne at ST but with a False 9 instruction he dislodged Scream Mandzukic from my main team, and that is no small feat. With an Engine chem, his pace, agility and balance were boosted enough, and when combined with his considerable strength De Bruyne could out-maneuver and shrug off most defenders just outside the box. Before the patch, he was king of the green-timed finesse shots. After the patch, he is king of the power long shots.

De Bruyne is by far the most reliable player I have. Whether I start him or bring him on from the bench, he will score and he will assist. His pass completion is among the highest every game and while I don't use him to skill or go on a breakaway, he always pops up at the right place and time to contribute in the final third. Currently operating at LAM in my main team after the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo, he's now the main threat from the wings swinging in crosses with laser precision. Truly a top class player.


Pavel Nedved (CAM/ST)

oyif89c7egk21 - My Club TOTY Part 1: The Forwards

Origin: Prime Icon SBC

Games played: 192

Goals scored: 143

Assists: 90

A later addition, but Pavel Nedved is – and I'm sure some of you may have already known this – the Dark Knight of my team. Like De Bruyne, he is ever so reliable every single match. However, what he possesses that De Bruyne does not is that game-changing spark. He can turn on the afterburners and break into the box for a close range finish. He can beat multiple defenders for a tasty solo goal. He can jump and head it in despite not being the tallest. But what makes this card truly special is his ability to score in any and all situations – with either foot.

Nedved is by far the best card I have used this FIFA (for my playstyle anyway). I don't see him leaving the team, even when higher tier icons are released. This card means that much to me.


That concludes the first edition of my TOTY series.

If you like what you see, let me know. If you have suggestions on things I should improve upon, let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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