My Club TOTY Part 3: The Bench

FIFA19 10 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Bench

Part 4*

Welcome back to this ongoing series. I've read all your comments and really appreciate the support so far!

This fourth post spotlights the first batch of other noteworthy players from my club. Please bear in mind that player ratings are boosted according to my assessment of their performance.

dp566kfosvm21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Bench


Daley Blind (CDM/LB/CB)

jspsjbxusvm21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Bench

Origin: Scream Team

Games played: 175

Goals scored: 9

Assists: 113

Bookings: 2/0

Many people gave the Scream Blind objective a hard pass. "When am I going to need an 80-rated Dutch CB playing for Ajax that isn't De Ligt?" or "Am I going to risk my mental health this weekend starting a 5'11" CB with non-existent physical stats, whose 90 Pace might become 57 sometime soon?" they probably asked themselves before writing this card off as unusable. I for one, did not, as Blind would fit right into the Dutch-themed squad I was in the process of building. With his Pace and Dribbling (I think?) boosted at the time, I decided to try him out at CDM on 7-chem. He would go on to becoming one of the most reliable CDMs I've ever used this FIFA, holding firmly onto his starting spot in the Weekend League team sheets for nearly 2 months.

At first glance his stats appeared unremarkable, even with the 90 Pace. However, there seemed to be hidden cheat codes embedded into the legs of this little man. He was everywhere on the pitch, diligently cleaning up everyone's messes at the back and carrying the ball forward on the counter, all on his own. It is his pass completion, however, that truly surprised me. Scream Blind recorded more assists per match than any midfielder I had at the time. Whenever he's on the ball I don't feel the need to spam the sprint button or the urge to bust out a skill move. Instead I let him take a moment, look for space and he executes that final pass to perfection, splitting opposition defenses like Moses parted the Red Sea. His style isn't extravagant and his presence unimposing, but he manages to prove one thing to the non-believers: though one may be Blind, they can still become an Artist. (…I reached too hard with that one. He had a Powerhouse on him.)


Alessandro Florenzi (RB/CDM/CM)

uajz45o61wm21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Bench

Origin: Road To The Final – UCL

Games played: 698

Goals scored: 18

Assists: 40

Bookings: 4/0

Florenzi is the ultimate utility player. His FUT Birthday card was one of my favorite cards in FIFA 18 and this year's RTTF plays very close to that level. Originally a starter in my Serie A themed squad (the same one he shared with IF Mertens and SIF Suso, both of whom I previously reviewed), Florenzi did his job as a right back. He wasn't noticeable all the time, which to me was a good thing as he covered his bases and quickly moved play forward where his pals then wreaked havoc.


However, it was later when he was utilized as a CDM super sub that Florenzi truly played to the best of his abilities. Typically brought on after the 60th minute, Florenzi has a commanding presence in front of the defense. With his H/H work rates and excellent pace he frequently bursts forward after regaining possession, providing an additional dimension in attack which proved absolutely crucial time and time again, especially when I was searching for that extra goal to secure a win. Not only is he a good passer, Florenzi also rocks a mean long shot. By this point in the game cycle, if anyone sees him creeping toward the edge of the box and is still complacent enough to allow him the space, they need to reassess their priorities in life.


Marcos Alonso (LB)

puywncqn3wm21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Bench

Origin: Road To The Final – EL

Games played: 581

Goals scored: 13

Assists: 22

Bookings: 5/0

Three words to describe Marcos Alonso: Tall. Strong. Aggressive. Initially I didn't like him very much as he felt clunky on the ball and does not have the pace required to catch up to the Salahs and Sterlings of the world. Then I began to use him almost as a wide CB and this worked out in my favor. Alonso would stay back; his priority would be to maintain defensive positioning at all times. He would not chase those fast legs; instead he would strike them down with great vengeance and furious anger as soon as they threaten to cut inside. No one beats him in the air and having now received a few upgrades, hardly anyone beats him in a footrace either. In the event they do, however, their next destination is a nearby sideline billboard.

Should Chelsea win the Europa League, RTTF Marcos Alonso might very well become my end-game LB.


Frenkie De Jong (CM/CAM/CDM)

jlnsnhjh7wm21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Bench

Origin: FUT Future Stars SBC

Games played: 136

Goals scored: 45

Assists: 57

Bookings: 2/0

The only reason I completed FS De Jong's SBC was for that hyper link to FS De Ligt (who is still one of my favorite FIFA 19 CBs to this day). I remember looking at his stats and going, "Meh. Looks okay, but not exceptional at anything." And boy, was I wrong. Frenkie CAN do anything in midfield. He can pass, he can shoot, he can tackle, he can win headers. A complete midfielder. With Blind on his left doing the clean-up, De Jong is free to go forward, carving out chances for himself and his teammates.

There's something special about the weight of his passes and shots: they'd go through bodies, reaching targets in an instant and scorching the roof of the net when that's the final target. With De Jong, I finally managed to get better at the one thing I really sucked at – threaded through passes. His consistency and accuracy gave me confidence to try out more of these passes, from more unorthodox angles and as a result, allowed my game to evolve.


Cards reviewed so far:

4jvk8lf26wm21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Bench

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Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!

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