My Club TOTY Part 3: The Defenders

FIFA19 8 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Defenders

Third part of my ongoing series. This post spotlights the standout defenders and goalkeeper from my club. Note that player ratings are boosted according to my assessment of their performance.

You may notice a lack of left-backs on this shortlist and this is because I've used a few of them (Red IF Kolarov, Red IF Robertson, Headliner Alex Sandro, RTTF Tagliafico, RTTF Alex Telles, RTTF Marcos Alonso, FUTmas van Aanholt) in equal measures but don't really stick to any of them due to heavy squad rotations. One of these cards will feature in a future post.

e08nfhkrsuk21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Defenders


Denzel Dumfries (RB)

0zuo5bmssuk21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Defenders

Origin: Eredivisie League SBC Reward

Games played: 277

Goals scored: 0

Assists: 32

Bookings: 1/0

SBC Dumfries was the biggest surprise this FIFA for me personally. As I built towards a full Dutch squad, I set out to complete the Eredivisie League SBC as soon as it got released. This proved a hugely successful decision, as prices of Dutch silvers have spiked since then (Utrecht, man.)

Dumfries is the most physically dominant RB I've used thus far. Standing at 6'2" this young man is a tower, winning all air duels, casually knocking wingers off the ball. Combined with such physicality, his incredible pace even without the help of any chemistry style allows him to deal with the threats of Neymar, Sane and Hazard with relative ease. Despite being slightly clunky, with a Guardian chem on he controls the ball well and can comfortably start counter attacks from the back. His greatest asset, however, is his crossing. The low curve stat on this card is honestly a lie, as he racked up an impressive 32 assists from crosses and corner kicks – all while instructed to stay back. Although I do alternate between him and Kyle Walker (who needs no review at this point), Dumfries is always the preferred choice and until TOTS rolls around I don't see any new addition challenging his spot on the squad.


David Luiz (CB/CDM)

z4idltetsuk21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Defenders

Origin: Flashback SBC

Games played: 152

Goals scored: 0

Assists: 2

Bookings: 1/0

David Luiz is an EA favorite. He receives at least one special, insanely META card every iteration of FIFA and his Flashback card this year is no exception.

The CB spot next to the incredible POTM Van Dijk (more on him below) belonged to the equally fantastic FS De Ligt (whom I recently sold for coins hence missing out on the first 11 shortlist, but have every intention of buying back). Once FB David Luiz got released I decided to relieve De Ligt of his duties, and the Brazilian has not disappointed. He provides security and has a commanding presence at the back with his pace and aggression, winning back possession and starting counter attacks swiftly and efficiently. Luiz also has a mean long shot (gotta love that unique shot animation – and hair, while we're at it) and although he has yet to score for me, he's done enough to scare opponents at set pieces. He may eventually get replaced by TOTS options down the line but as of right now, he does his job and does it well.



Virgil Van Dijk (CB)

07k4kuqvsuk21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Defenders

Origin: Premier League POTM

Games played: 571

Goals scored: 21

Assists: 5

Bookings: 6/0

This man needs no introduction although his base gold card endured a rocky start on my team at the beginning of the season. Van Dijk's colossal frame and strength were obviously as desirable as they come for CBs, but he constantly gave away penalties in my first few weekend leagues. Fast forward a couple months, he's racked up performance after performance in the PL and Champions League, awarded multiple In-forms, a TOTGS card and, deservedly so, a 95-rated TOTY card. I was about to save up all I could muster and pull the trigger on the TOTY when the POTM was announced. Without a second thought, I went ahead and completed the SBC the night it was released and what a decision it was. Along with Hazard this card is the biggest bargain I've made this FIFA, especially after the Winter Refresh boosted him from a 89 to 92 – basically TOTY level.

On the pitch, he is a Potara fusion of a rock, a tank and God himself. He wins 90% of his tackles, exuding a "You Shall Not Pass" kind of aura (hence my photo choice on the card) forcing attackers to make bad touches and fall on their faces. I would give all my life savings to this card and trust that he'd feed my family for generations. With all the cards I have in the club, I've built 14 different themed squads but he manages to feature in more than half of them. He would even feature in 15 out of 14, if chemistry allowed it.


Alisson (GK)

8pufaohwsuk21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Defenders

Origin: Summer OTW

Games played: 105

Goalkeepers have been flaky this year, as they are every year. Before packing OTW Alisson untradeable during the recent promo, I've used Oblak, Szcsaeoajksfhasfesny (base gold, IF, SIF and UCL – love him to bits), De Gea and 89 van der Sar (in my opinion the best goalkeeper this year but does not feature on the starting 11 as I've sold him for coins).

Alisson feels quicker than his 55 Speed suggests. At 6'3" he isn't the tallest keeper but his handling and reflexes more than make up for the lack of height, especially now that green-timed finesse long shots have been nerfed. He has yet to concede any nonsensical EAids fueled goal and I intend on playing him until TOTS.


Cards reviewed so far:

9wqmb9iysuk21 - My Club TOTY Part 3: The Defenders

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Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!

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