My experience when playing fut champs with a full psv squad.

FIFA19 1 - My experience when playing fut champs with a full psv squad.

Hello guys,
This weekend i played my second weekend league of fifa 19 with a full psv squad. In this post i'm gonna give a review of my weekend, a little back story about why and a review of the squad. Lets begin then!

  • Note i am a wee bit drunk while writing this so excuse me if my english isn't the best.

  • Also note that i am not a great player, quite terrible actually. My record is 103-16-106 so…

-Back story
I was bored of playing fifa for a few weeks now, i only played the games for the weekly objectives. I never completed Santi because the gameplay wasn't fun, i liked the objective do. So i thought lets play weekend league, but i wasn't that excited to play with my main squad. I really didn't know what to do, till i came to the idea of playing with my favorite squad as my team: PSV! This was smart because now i wouldn't get angry when i lost… Or i thought so atleast…


-Weekend Review
Welp the first game was terrible, 90' minute and lost to two goals in the 45' minute.. Well the second game i won so i was still optimistic. I ended friday 3-4. Not bad, i was getting angry, but wasn't banned on xbox live, so it went quite alright.
Saturday i went early in the morning on a streak of 3 games or so, i was happy having fun with the game. but then i took a break what changed my mood. After Many angry games i ended saturday 7-14, and yeah i was mad. Was my fault do, i should have stopped when i lost a few games.
Sunday however i started playing early again, had 9 games left to play and needed to win 4 for my goal of silver 1. I started great with a win. Second game lost. Then went on a streak to win 3 games in a row, I had reached my goal. There was still room to go gold 3, that would have been my best result of fifa 19. I tried my hardest, saw the light… But failed. I lost 3 games in a row, but i wasn't angry. My last to games i joined, scored 2 own goals and left.

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-Player review
Most goals: Luuk de Jong
Most assists: Gaston Pereiro
Best Player: Erick Gutierrez 10 Goals 5 assist
a few words about the best players:
Lozano, he wasn't as great as i thought. He did alright with 11 goals and 6 assists but i expected more of him. Most of the time standing still, even through he had his instructions.
De Jong, Corners.
Angelino, what a player he is. He is quick, Agile and has an great cross. For a silver team he is worth it.
And then the best player i used out of this team, Gutierrez, what was he good, fast, great passes and lots of shot power. Only thing wrong with him is his weak foot what only is 2 stars.

-Best goal

If you want to have fun at the game, playing with a squad as this is fun. But people won't be nicer to you, many meta squads still went time wasting in the 75-'90' minute. The game is still broken. I would try it again, but not for a few months. This makes the game more fun but also more annoying.

I hope you enjoyed this post. maybe till next time.


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