My guide for you to try the 3-5-2 formation!!

FIFA19 8 - My guide for you to try the 3-5-2 formation!!

Hi Guys,

This is my first attempt at writing a guide on any formation so all feedback is welcome. I've been using this formation extensively for past 3 weeks, but I am not that great a player anymore so still end up in Gold 3 (16 wins at times). Let me start by sharing my tactics / strategy –

  • Defensive width – 7 , depth – 7, Press after Heavy Touch
  • Attacking width – 7, Players in box – 4, Possession play (Mix this with fast build up if you want to attack even more)

The goal here is to give your opponent less time on the ball and have them rush their shots, if any. When we get the ball, we HAVE to keep it, pass it back, pass it safe and create good play/chances. This is where the wing play and the midfield comes into picture and this is why we need possession style to keep the players in formation and pass the ball around quickly.

Strengths –

  1. Pass well, pass safe, keep possession. Make your opponent sweat for the ball and run like a headless chicken. With a mid-field heavy formation, it allows you to do exactly this. Change wings if you have to but keep the ball.
  2. Wings are covered and midfield is bossed around by the 2 CDMs. They give a lot of cover for your CBs.
  3. CAM is always involved whether as a playmaker , extra striker or as a defensive option. There's no one on the field that you'll feel is not being utilized.
  4. 2 strikers means a lot of fun plays, 1-2 passes, first time shots, beating the defensive line with good through balls.
  5. Throws off opponent strategy because everyone expects 4 defenders and if used properly you can have 5 defenders and 5 attackers covering the entire width of the pitch.

Weaknesses –

  1. Obviously this team is prone to GOOD counterattacks.
  2. Work rate of players needs to be accurate or you can find yourself in no man's land. (We'll talk WR down below)

Work rates and recommended player types –

  • CBs need to be fast, strong with high stamina. (Base VVD is not going to cut it) Ideally you need someone with >80 pace and >80 stamina. All of them should be able to jump and have height > 6'0", more is better.
    • Recommended WR – M/H or L/H on atleast one of the CBs, others can be H/H or M/M. But they need to "Stay Back while attacking".
  • CDMs need to be strong as well and you can use one box-to-box/attacking and other a bit more defensive minded.
    • Recommended WR – M/H on one CDM and the other should have either M/M or H/M.
    • CDM 1 on "Stay Back" – "Man Mark"
    • CDM 2 on "Balanced" – "Cut Passing Lanes".
  • LM and RM are very vital for this formation and they need to have high stamina since they'll be covering your wings. I go with more attacking wingers to help with crosses or score the goals.
    • Recommended WR – H/M on both the wingers, but H/H works quite well. Every instruction on "Balanced"
  • CAM is going to score those goals for you when you need them, so this guy needs to be a playmaker with a good long shot. Pace is somewhat important if you decide to 1-2 pass with him.
    • Recommended WR – H/M with "Balanced" or M/M with "Stay Forward"
  • I prefer to have 1 or 2 target man strikers. With TOTS around evern target men have high speed, so they can do both roles including Get in behind if need be.
    • Recommended WR – H/M , H/L on one/both strikers. M/M is also good enough on one of the strikers (such as Quagliarella) , H/H strikers just do not work for me.
    • Striker 1 – "Stay Forward", "Target Man" (H/M or M/M work rates)
    • Striker 2 – "Balanced", "Get In Behind" (H/M or H/L work rates)

How I defend –

Use your CDMs / CAM to make your opponent rush the passes/shots, by slide tackling around center line (or in his own half). Force him to pass the ball to the wings by using second man press (with wingers) for a second or 2 and then immediately releasing it. This will create difficult angles and also give time for your CDM to recover and get back in defense. Go "Team Press" if need be to recover the ball. This is not a Drop Back formation and trust me you don't want to give your opponent time to take those first time shots at good angles. Keep pressing (while keeping CBs in formation) with wingers, CDM and CAM until you get the ball.

How I attack –

Once you have the ball, keep calm and pass it back or to the wings , wherever the player is free and then create from there. Send your CAM and Wingers on runs to create spaces and pass either to them or your striker, whoever is free, with 5 attacking options, you'll always have someone get into space or be ready to receive the ball. Even that attacking CDM you setup can sometimes run up the field and be a surprise for your opponent.

Additional NOTES –

This was definitely a long write-up and I hope I covered everything. I'll proof-read it again and see if I need to add more or if you have feedback I'll update with more info. Thank you!!

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