My guide to getting you more wins and making this awful game fun! (Long)

FIFA19 10 - My guide to getting you more wins and making this awful game fun! (Long)

We all know that drop back 1 depth is the META. It's incredibly effective for grinding out results, But, It's insanely boring. When both you and your opponent are dropping back and looking for the counter, It makes for an incredibly dull gaming experience. If you are the type of player that rages when you lose a game you thought you should have won because you had more shots on target than him, Then this definitely isn't for you

Formation– 352. It's absolutely brilliant for pinning your opponent back into his own half, The only time he will likely get out of his own half is to try counter-attack you.

TacticsDefensive style– Pressure on heavy touch Width– 4 Depth– 8

Offensive style– Possession Width– 5 Players in box-6 Corners– 3 Free kicks– 3

Player instructions

Everyone is on normal interceptions LS- Get in behind, Stay forward

RS- Get in behind, Stay forward

CAM- Stay forward, Get into the box, Stick to position

LM- Come back on defence, Stay wide, Get in behind

RM- Come back on defence, Stay Wide, Get in behind

LDM- Balanced defence, Stay back, Cover wing

RDM- Balanced defence, Stay back, Cover wing

LCB- Stay back

CB- Stay back

RCB- Stay back

GK- Balanced on both

Types of players recommend

  • Everyone needs at least 75 pace except the Cb's, The CB's catch up to strikers regardless of pace

  • Both CDM's need to be agile and able to play the ball, and have 85 stamina min

  • LM and RM need to have good pace and good stamina unless you have a good sub to make at around the 60 min mark

  • CAM needs a fast agile player, You also want good stamina unless you can make a good sub at around the 60 min mark

  • Both strikers need to be rapid, That's about it, Good dribbling is also handy but they are just there to shoot, Very rare they are involved in build-up play

  • All 3 CB's need to be able to make good passes and occasionally dribble up the field (Much like Sheffield United)

Squad I usedYes I know its a bit P2W but I can't sit there all day and grind, Also my money so who cares

Start for chem-


With these tactics, your players will always be moving and getting into space, By playing on a high depth you CB's are very important in the build-up play, Just as important as the midfielders IMO.

When you do give the ball away, Your opponent will try to take advantage of the fact nearly all your players are up the pitch, but everyone except the CAM and strikers will bomb backwards and try to win the ball back, Obviously, you won't be successful every time, You will 100% conceed counter-attack goals playing this way

This playstyle took me from being a boring gold 2 playing the same drop back style every game to elite 3 this weekend. And it's all because your opponent is dropping back, hes giving you space and time on the ball, By having nearly all of your players up the field it's easy to break it down as oppose to when you would have 6 players staying in your own half just incase he unleashes a counter attack

** I cannot recommend playing like this anymore, It's just so much fun, The game no longer feels like a chore, It feels like a game.

-Sorry for any formatting errors or spelling mistakes. Wish I could say English isn't my first language as the reason, but it's not, I'm just thick as pig shit. Hope this helps

TLDR- Play ultra attacking the entire game and watch your opponent crumble

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