My honest opinion on the Game (FIFA 18 /19) – Elite 1/Top 100 Player.

FIFA19 3 - My honest opinion on the Game (FIFA 18 /19) - Elite 1/Top 100 Player.

Hey Guys,

i just wanted to give out my honest opinion on FIFA19/EA as an Elite 1/TOP100 player.

First of all, I started playing FUT at the beginning of FIFA18. My first WL was a horror, I ended up being in Silver 1 with finishing all 40 Games. At around March 2018 I already reached my first Elite 1 finish. This did not come from nothing. I felt in love with the game and wanted to get better every single day. My daily routine was – waking up – going to work – and then grind FIFA until late in the night. I learned how to abuse the game mechanics, because that’s what decides who wins the game and who doesn’t (I never really relied on AI Defense on FIFA18, because I felt like you had an big advantage if you knew how to pressure manually). Tbh I did not know the things that were wrong in this game, because I wasn’t really focusing on gameplay before FIFA18 came out, it was just chilling with friends and playing some friendlies. I kept grinding the game and as better as I got, as more I realized the flaws of FIFA. Scripting, AI Defense-abusers, own team turns into a truck company, the opponent turning into the best player ever after being 2:0 up. All of that is in the game, and nobody from EA will get that out of my mind. I ended up playing (7000!) games in FIFA18. See it as you want, but I’m an ambitious person, and if I want to get better at something, I will grind the shit out of this thing. I ended up having a 40-0 Record by May 2018 – I guess all of you know how satisfying it feels to achieve something you’ve dreamed of, or never thought you would achieve so fast. Tbf, I really want to go competitive in FIFA and that’s why I spend so much time on it, it was worth every second, even if I started hating the Gameplay after some time I still was in love with FIFA. Enough of FIFA18 now.

When FIFA19 dropped, I felt that things changed. Changed a lot. Pace wasn’t as important as last year, but I was cool with that. AI was stronger than ever, but I guess everybody knows that already. My strength (manual pressure) wasn’t worth anything no more. Everybody was able to pressure the opponent now, without leaving any space to get out of the situation. 9/10 Opponents played constant pressure, especially at the beginning of the game. It did feel less like real football, than FIFA18 already did. The middle of the pitch was flooded with players, 50/50 challenge after 50/50 challenge, and mostly the player with the fewer defensive stat won the challenge, especially if you are manually defending. It felt like all players are on coke for 90 Minutes. Kickoff glitch was stronger than before, the own players are just too passive after a kickoff, like they’ve just woken up from a 16hour nap. EA always said there isn’t a thing wrong with the kickoffs, but everyone is complaining about them. I really don’t know if it really is so hard to fix it, but why are my players barely moving when the opponent has a kickoff? I know that I score them and I concede them, but they shouldn’t be in the game at first. The game is full of bugs and everybody is able to see that. They fixed goalkeepers in the first patch, but they are still making mistakes that would never happen in real life, or in FIFA18! Another thing that is really wrong with the game, is the lack of game modes. All online-modes that we can play with our own team, are sweat-modes and tbh as a Div 1-player WL is like freedom for me, because of this year’s matchmaking. I can’t go into a single game-mode with my own team, where I can play for fun. EA got the rights off the Champions League and they could’ve easily made a Champions League mode to mix things up. You start at the Rounds of 16 and play until the final to get some simple rewards. Mix it up with different Challenges every week and make something fun. Yes, I want to get better in the game, but I don’t want to face people sweating for weekly rewards in every game I play. Bring something chill, so casuals and even me can have some fun. Finesse shots are the safest way to score a goal this year, and the patch won’t fix that. You will not get rewarded for working your way into the box and create a clear chance. I’ve missed so many 1v1 with the goalkeeper, even with a green timed finish. On the other side you can score impossible goals, from impossible angles with a first touch timed finesse shot. I hope the patch will nerf this massively down. This game should not be competitive as long as it is biased on pure luck and AI. Sure, there is a skill gap, there wouldn’t be the same players getting a 30-0 if there wasn’t one. But I feel like the skill gap mostly consists of, who is able to abuse the game mechanics the most. If I make a clean challenge standing in front of the opponent, the ball should never bounce back to him, especially not when im doing something manually and not letting the AI do the work. The opponent should never be able to play a 1-2 with my own defender. The opponent should never be able to pressure me for 90 Minutes without making a single substitution. The opponent should never be able to trust the AI’s work more than his manual skill. I often feel like I’m in an arcade game, because the AI really is doing more work for me than I want it too. I sometimes close a passing lane just to realize one of my players won the ball by his own. This should never be a thing in a competitive game. Sure there are more flaws, that we all know. But lets just continue.

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The change from monthly to weekly rewards looked good for me at first. But if you compare it to what you’ve got last year, and what you get this year. This is simply a joke. What does the TOP100-monthly list mean now? Nothing. Its nice to be in there, but last year you got rewarded for it with an ICON and 44 IF’s. And this have all been 81+. People that achieve something like TOP 100 monthly should be rewarded in my opinion. We are getting way less than last year, but a lot of people don’t realize it because they are getting red cards every week. There are not only bad things that EA have changed from FIFA18. Making the WL 30 Games was one of the best decisions, and that’s what EA probably will say if you ask them why the rewards are way less than last year. A quick comparison, if you reached Top 100 last year you got like already mentioned above 44! 81+ IF players and 1 Icon. If you reach Top 100 every week now you will receive 20 IF players now (if its 4 WL per month). And even the 20 IF-Players could end up being >80 players. I packed nothing but SBC-fodders this year. And I reached Elite 1 4 times and Elite 2 1 time. Not even a player I can use as a super-sub. And this seems really wrong for me. Another good thing they have done is the way to qualify yourself for the WL. You won’t have to go through 4 sweat games to qualify for the Weekend League. You can collect points and redeem them as soon as you want to play the WL.

Matchmaking is unfair. Why do I match a player with a 3-6 record when I’m 10-0? I want to earn my spot as an elite player, and not having it depend on how “fair” matchmaking is to me. If I want to go 30-0 I should face other players that are on the same way. And not players that fight for every win. I had 29 Wins last week, and missed out on Top 100 because of skill points. This should never be happening. Never! How can you lose just 1 Game out of 30 and not even be in the Top 100. It just seems crazy to me, but that shows that matchmaking is completely random and unfair.

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Why did EA remove Icons from draft? Why are there no loan Icons? People need to trust their instinct, the stats or other reviews to make an Icon SBC. Baby Icons are only for SBC’s, casuals are mostly saving up their coins to try out a Baby-Icon but the prices of the Baby Icon’s make this impossible, and this will stay like this throughout the year, as how it seems every 2 Weeks there will be a new SBC. What is the point of Baby Icons if they are just SBC Fodders? Why is EA giving out loan Icons to new players? We know its because the Icons will perform very good for those players, and make them want to spend money on packs to be able to afford one of those. I understand it as a business thing, EA wants to earn money and that is what every business company wants to make.

But EA needs to stop to make the outcome of packs even smaller than they have already been. Make the rewards even worse than they have already been. We all play this game because we love it, but this really needs to stop.

I could go along and write a book about the Game but I will stop right here.

At the end of the day im still in love with the Game, and I play it on a daily basis. I still want to go competitive. I know that the developers are trying to fix the game to become better, and that this is not as easy as we all imagine. But I feel like EA does not listen to us. Imagine hopping on CoD and the AI aims better than you do by yourself. This is how the game feels like. This is just an factual criticism by an passionate FIFA Gamer. I want the Game to change but I will take it as it is, because at the end of the day it will always be my go-to game.

Much love and patience for all of you.


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