My love for FIFA has been reignited….

FIFA19 5 - My love for FIFA has been reignited....


I've played FUT religiously since 2013 also played soccer since I could walk

My biggest issue with FIFA was always that I never felt like I could actually play the game of soccer. I felt like skill moves were pointless and every pass was predictable with the linear Tele Braodcast view. So I found myself not enjoying the game anymore because everything was so repetitive. I wanted to play creative fun soccer again so I said you know what…fu*k it….I loved using the be a pro view in pro clubs so lets try it in FUT

The first week of Be A Pro View went well finished rank 2 for div rivals. But I wanted the Holy Grail of FUT CHAMPS…..GOLD 3

I ended up with 15 wins and to be honest not a single rage game. This game is finally fun again and now I can actually use they players to their full potential. I can now finally feel and see the personality and play style of each player on my team. The stadiums from this view look incredible by the way too. i

Quick Tips for the view:

– Zoom out to 0 and Swing Speed 4

– Go into the arena and work on your 1v1 ( if you can timed finish in this view its game over)

– Dont' get frustrated with defense it will take a few games to get used to it.

I'm going to put together a little highlight tape so you guys can see what the view is capable of.

I look forward to hearing what everyone's thoughts are

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