My Nonrare Liga MX CB just hit 600 games (Update)

FIFA19 7 - My Nonrare Liga MX CB just hit 600 games (Update)

Hello guys, you could say this is a update from my previous post, but more of my FUT Champs Results thread. Hopefully, you guys are interested, also thank you to those who gave me Platinum, Gold, and Silver… I really appreciate it! Also, here is
7NRZSda - My Nonrare Liga MX CB just hit 600 games (Update)

Tercero for those who want to see if I still use him.

My results in FUT Champs is 20-10. This was the results altogether. Yes, I did bottle it towards the end, with me losing more than 4 goals in more than 4 games.

My Team B uu

I made a couple of changes with the starting line up replacing Aquino with Matheus Uribe and replacing the GK. I also fixed up my bench with players I use for tactical reasons. I used to have HL Arnautović in the bench but he missed a sitter in which I took him off after my team completely. There are two formations I play in game, my main formation 4-4-1-1 and my back up formation 4-3-2-1 in case my main formation is completely countered. Below I will list some key players in my team that were not talked about in my previous post.

(Nonrare Silver ST)
Lucas Cavalini

Whenever my main formation has no effect, I switch to my back up formation (4321) with Cavalini coming in for ST. He has been one of my key players in the team often coming in the 70th min or so. Cavalini has the strength and height to beat players in crosses. Furthermore, he always finds himself in the right position. For someone to come on so late in the game, he has really good stats.

GK Nahuel Guzman


By far one of the best GK's I use, then again I only ever used Talavera. He would pull of amazing saves that would normally be a goal. I would highly recommend him if you have any Argentinean teams.

Bronze RB 500+ games Carlos Orrantia

The reason I have Orrantia on the key players is due to overconfidence. Majority of my opponents believe it will be easy to go pass him because he's a bronze player. Although, he may be bronze, he often is one of my players with the high player rating in the end of the game. Another reason why he is a key player is he pops up in most rage messages I get. They often say "The bronze RB caused the handicap in the match."

ST and CF Hurtado and Neymar

This combo is one of the best combo's I ever used in all the Fifa's. These two players are the reason why I reach far in FUT Champs. They compliment each other perfectly, with Neymar scoring the goals and Hurtado assisting. I tried these players before they were a combo, but they didn't perform as expected.


One of the biggest weaknesses I have is crosses. The moment Ibra or CR7 comes on, thats when I lose. I only have 4 players that are above 6'0 playing on the outfield. I would say half the goals I concede come from corner kicks. In order to counter this, Ramos is usually subbed on for Tercero.

Another weakness I have is being impatient. There are some players that want to replicate tiki taka and feel the need to pass through there defense and GK all game. In this instance I go all out attack since I'm really impatient. It mostly ends up with me losing due to the counter attacks from the pressure.

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