My personal TOTS in-depth player reviews

FIFA19 4 - My personal TOTS in-depth player reviews

I have played with many cards, at the highest level of FIFA this year. Team of the Season is on the horizon so I wanted to do player reviews in a different way, showing who I feel is the best players I have used in each position with commentary.

This is from the perspective of a Division 1 (2572 SR), Elite 2 (just got my first Elite 1), and got T100 is SB on my first and only try this year (have only played 45 SB games with any of the player listed, if any.)

There aren't listed to form any specific formation


Future Stars Aouar (ST) – Yes, I played this man at ST as opposed to a CAM or CM. To me he was an ideal candidate for the role and he did not dissapoint. He is one of the few cards I was sad to let go because he was magnificent. He is one of 2 players i have used this year who have managed to score 5+ goals in multiple WL games, he shares it with Cristiano Ronaldo. That's good company. He will be back in my team when TOTS is back around, without a doubt. He is an endgame player to me, and genuinely one of the most value for money cards I have used.

(Games 233, Goals 271, Assists 200) All games are WL and Div 1 and 2.

Cristiano Ronaldo (ST) – I have never used CR7 in any FIFA prior to this one, even electing not to get him last year when I could afford him just to build an awesome team. I missed out by doing so, but made the decision to bring him in this year. The dude is ridiculous, but does frustrate me when he misses clear chances (just like literally every player). He scores some goals where I sit there saying how the hell did he do that. Utter class. Key player in getting me Elite 1, without a doubt.

(Games 381, Goals 521, Assists 312) 45 games are SB, the rest are WL and Div 1.

Kylian Mbappe (ST) – This guy was my guy for a long, long time. He was the first big player I brought into my team and I absolutely loved him. I did not like him at all last year, but we clicked this year. Very reliable in front of goal, and really suited and helped me fill out my playstyle. I hope to get a higher rated version of him in my end game team.

(Games 475, Goals 502, Assist 350) All games were Div 1-4 and WL.


Kevin De Bruyne (CAM and LCM) – One of my favorite cards this year. Extremely consistent and has versatile roles to play. Before the patch he was an absolute monster, his finesse shots were out of this world. He was a player who lasted in my squad for a total of 411 games, across two stints in the first team. I absolutely love him even after the patch, he is the only player that I can consistently score outside of the box power shots, and free kicks.

(Games 411, Goals 323, Assists 319) 45 games are in SB, the rest are WL and Div 1-3.

Prime Luis Figo (CAM) – When I got CR7, I immediately wanted Figo in the team. I amassed the funds to get Prime Figo in my team and had very high expectations. He had to live up to his massive 1.1m coin price tag, and he did. Figo is sort of a ghost, in a good way. You'll finish a game and be like man I didn't see Figo at all, but then you look at the stats and the guy dropped 4 assists, or 2 goals. He is always doing something, never useless and always contributing. Solid finishing, and decent long shots. His passing is what has been phenomenal for me, always finds CR7. I have toyed with the idea of selling him, but he keeps showing me that he is an integral part of my squad.

(Games 200, Goals 163, Assists 200) 45 games are SB, rest are Div 1 and WL.


Future Stars Alphonso Davies (LCM) – This guy is the best SBC I have done this year, no questions asked. When he was a starter, he was absolutely brilliant, and his left foot bangers have registered the hardest shots I have seen this year. Always a part of the build up, and has the defensive ability (and pace) to win back the ball. He made a fantastic LCM for the way I play. Now he sees most of his time as a super sub varying from ST, CAM, and CM.

(Games 243, Goals 111, Assists 93) All games are Div 1-2 and WL, around 60 as a sub.

Paulinho (LCM) – This thread tells you everything about him

(155 Games, 55 Goals, 41 Assists) All games are WL and Div 3-5.

Paul Pogba (RCM) – A hard player to review because his role in the team is not one that is clearly defined. He isn't scoring bangers, and he's not shoring up the backline. He simply controls the midfield, wins the ball and lets go of it. He plays a role that is easily looked over and under appreciated, but he genuinely is a rock. He is 100% important to my team, and that is why he has never been dropped. I only sold him, because I packed him untradable.

(Games 515, Goals 112, Assists 156) 45 games in SB, the rest are WL and Div 1-2. His tradable version was used for around 250 games but his stats are unavailable


Raphael Varane (CB) – This fucking guy, there is no replacement. There is no CB in the game that I have used that is even close to as good as him. As reliable, and as much of a beast. I have used Icons, and super high rated players, and he is above them. I hope to get his TOTY (or his TOTS if he gets one). Still in my team to this day.

(Games 634, Goals 18, Assists 5) 45 games in SB, the rest Div 1-4 and WL.

Future Stars Eder Militao (CB) – I sold the original card I had of him, but he is awesome. He is no Varane, but he is as close to it that I have been able to get. He just does the job and loves to get a cheeky header goal every now and then. Extremely reliable.

(Games 91, Goals 12, Assists 15)

Kenny Lala (LB and RB) – I was able to get his 84 Red IF, and used it for I have to guess 550 games. Solid as hell, on both sides of your backline. I really, really like Lala and use his HL now (untradable). I like consistency from my fullbacks, and he is consistent.

(Games 187, Goals 0, Assists 19) This is from his HL, his 84 Red stats are unavailable. All games are WL and Div 1-2.

Joao Cancelo (RB) – My guy, he helped me get my first handful of Elite finishes. Consistent machine, and sensational crosser. Best RB I have used this year (his OTW RB).

Stats Unavailable


David De Gea (GK) – He doesn't need a review. He is amazing, and he is 2000x better then Courtois (who I used for like 500 games are hated). He can pass the ball, he can save shots, he can pass the ball. Perfect.

I hope you enjoyed these reviews, I have used a lot, and I mean a lot of players this year. From high end Icons, to random golds and silvers. These were my standouts.

But where's FB Zlatan?

Great sub, dreadful starter. (Games 99, Goals 44, Assists 36).

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