My rationale for a base icon SBC (long post)

FIFA19 6 - My rationale for a base icon SBC (long post)

Hi everyone, this is a long post on why I think EA should release a base icon SBC now and my thoughts for a FIFA 19 version of this SBC. I have not included the obvious and main reason (correcting the base icon prices on the market) in detail within this post. I'm interested in hearing any other reasons you think we should or should not get this SBC. Try to pitch the reasons you agree with to Zaro or Corey in a polite manner so they can forward them to the icon SBC team.

Format of the SBC. The base icon SBC should be a non-repeatable player pick pack. It should cost around 350k – 450k with 83, 84, 85 rated squads with some IF's (possibly UCL card requirements as well to shake things up). Everyone gets only one icon, and with the player pick, hopefully one that fits in their team until the right prime SBC comes along. When a new promo comes out, EA can drop another one of these (similar to the TOTW SBC). This pattern would ensure the market doesn’t crash due to oversupply from a repeatable sbc (due to sell off) and prevent too much inflation for when certain big prime icons drop. Also, if really big icons drop, it will likely require more than 1 icon, and if only 1 base SBC has been released up till then, players still need to buy an icon from the market, which would keep these big icons at a reasonable price.

  1. It will not be like WC mode. The WC mode gave out only a few and some of the best icons (R9, Pele, R10, Maradona etc) in a repeatable SBC, so they were easy to pack, which is why it died out so quickly. We all knew the mode would be active only for 2 months and it was great playing with all of these cards in one team, an experience I would never get in regular FUT and I’m glad EA gave me that opportunity. The SBC had low requirements AND it was so easy to pack high rated cards to be submitted (2 things which don’t happen in regular FUT).
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  1. Better cards than base icons already exist. For example, let's look at FB Dani Alves who has 2443 IGS and essentially an average 85 rating across every position on the pitch without a chemistry style (Futbin). There is literally only 1 base icon with more IGS than Alves (Matthaus 2446). We could have an in-depth discussion about distribution of stats, traits, height, WF and SM but overall it is quite clear that an SBC card that costs 280k (PS4) is better than at least half of the base icons (30+ cards). And there is no way the chemistry links from icons is worth an additional 450k premium.

  1. No worry about coming up against crazy teams. It’s highly unlikely to pack the likes of end-game base Pele or Eusebio from this SBC anyway, so you won’t have to worry about coming up against mega teams solely because of this SBC and also because of the non-repeatable nature of the SBC. Most people will end up packing crappy midfielders and defenders which are worse than most meta golds/IF’s. But, it’ll be really fun because it will open up more hybrid possibilities.

  1. Correcting the inflation on meta golds. The base icon sbc would hopefully not only correct icon prices, but also prices of inflated meta golds. A lot of players probably want to try icons but are turned away by the inflated prices and have opted to use regular cards instead which have pushed their prices up, so hopefully with this SBC, both the icon market and gold markets will come down to more realistic prices (I’m not so confident about this, so correct me if I’m wrong). It could also go the other way and with introduction of icons, people can link up more of the meta cards in one squad.
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After reading through Zaro, Corey and Freddie's tweets acknowledging the icon price issues and that they have informed the responsible team, I am optimistic about the prospects of the base icon SBC or even Prime Icon Set 4 that does not have an icon requirement. After the Set 3 catastrophe and BF issues, this is a chance for EA to redeem themselves, show that they can actually care about their player base and actually listen to what we want.

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