My vision for a revamped Ultimate Team – Part 1: Ultimate Player

FIFA19 5 - My vision for a revamped Ultimate Team - Part 1: Ultimate Player

Precursor: If this post picks up traction and interest, I will add more parts. This post details one of many ideas that I believe would improve the Ultimate Team experience for FIFA players/consumers.

Ultimate Player would allow FUT players to create their very own untradeable Ultimate Team card that will follow and grow with them, across the year, on their FUT journey. Every player will be able to change the look, position and characteristics of their Ultimate Player, with every decision limiting the card in certain ways.

Look: As with a virtual pro, the player can fully customise the look of their Ultimate Player. This will include all options available within virtual pro customisation, such as hair style, boot choice, sleeve length, facial features and sock height. The final look of the player will be used to generate the player face image on the card.

Position: Each Ultimate Player must be locked to a specific position. This cannot be changed and will be a limiting factor on certain card stats depending on the payer's choice of position. For example, an Ultimate Player that is a ST will never exceed ~60 defending.

Characteristics: Again, similarly to virtual pro customisation, the player will be able to alter certain characteristics of their Ultimate Player card. These characteristics will include variables such as height, weight and strong foot. Once more, these choices are important because they will limit the card in certain ways – for example, a player who is 6'5" will never exceed ~70 in the pace stat.

Some examples of what a base Ultimate Player card would look like in certain positions (before upgrades) can be seen below. Of course, the images on the card would be replaced with the customised face of the Ultimate Player.

  • ST:
  • CM:
  • CB:

Every Ultimate Player card would be assigned to a faux league that will allow the card to have chemistry with every other card in FUT, akin to icons. However, the player has full control over what nationality they assign their Ultimate Player card.

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Across the year, the player will be able to grow their Ultimate Player card, improving the card's stats and therefore it's performance in the game. To upgrade their Ultimate Player's stats, the player must use the card to complete certain objectives and milestones. Some examples of these objectives can be seen below:

  • Score 50 goals with your Ultimate Player – +5 shooting
  • Make 50 successful tackles with your Ultimate Player – +5 defending
  • Assist 50 goals with your Ultimate Player – +5 passing

These objectives and milestones could be more complex, which I believe would be the best way to make Ultimate Player the most rewarding system whilst providing a fun challenge to the player. Some examples of more complex objectives can be seen below:

  • Make 20 successful standing tackles – +5 stand tackle
  • Make 20 successful sliding tackles – +5 slide tackle
  • Assist 5 goals via crossing – +5 crossing
  • Complete 50 short passes – +5 short pass
  • Score 20 goals – +5 finishing
  • Score 5 volleys – +5 volleys

Now, some stats will be hard to assign objectives to because they are hard to quantify with in-game actions. For example, it is hard to select a specific in-game action that displays competency in attack positioning. This is where milestones will come in to play. Milestones will be upgrades that a player can achieve through completing a certain number of objectives in a stat category with their Ultimate Player. Below are some examples:

  • Complete 5 objectives in the shooting stat category – +10 attack position
  • Complete 5 objectives in the dribbling stat category – +5 composure and +5 reactions
  • Complete 5 objectives in the defending stat category – +10 marking

As the player completes more objectives and milestones with their Ultimate Player, the overall rating of the Ultimate Player will rise in tandem with the individual stat upgrades. All Ultimate Players will begin as a 55 rated common bronze card and will change in appearance once certain overall ratings are achieved:

  • 60 overall = rare bronze
  • 65 overall = common silver
  • 70 overall = rare silver
  • 75 overall = common gold
  • 80 overall = rare gold
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Of course these are all of the base card designs in the game but some new ones could be added to allow the Ultimate Player card to experience some aesthetic changes that aren't available to other cards in FUT. Some ideas on this matter could include:

  • 86 overall = star player (e.g. black card design with stars in the background)
  • 90 overall = world class (e.g. orange card design with a globe in the background)
  • 94 overall = icon (icon card design)

Conclusion: Of course this post hasn't detailed every potential aspect of this feature but it is getting very long and I want to keep it readable. As I have said, if this post gets traction then I can share some more ideas or even expands on this one. Thanks for reading!

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