Never before have I played a game where I feel less rewarded for playing more

FIFA19 1 - Never before have I played a game where I feel less rewarded for playing more

Note that this post is based off my personal experience playing FUT. But taking into account what I have seen on this sub, it seems to me that a lot of people share similar experiences.

For me it all started in late October. The game had been out a month and I had been playing FUT very casually until then. That was when, one Thursday evening, I packed Gareth Bale from my Division 5 Rank 3 rewards. Suddenly I had an (at the time) elite player for my squad. It made me want to play the game and improve my team.

In the months that followed I gradually became more invested in FUT. And the rewards kept me coming back for more. There was a tradeable Pogba (450k at the time) from D6 R3 rewards. One week I got two untradeable Godins in back to back packs. There was RTTF Lingard, Modric, Ramos, Kante and then a big one – my first Icon – Mid Peter Schmeichel.

I was completely hooked. The buzz I felt when I packed a good player was like a drug to me. I spent hours and hours doing League SBCs earning coins to upgrade my team. However, I had only ever played Champs once and never played to R1 in Rivals. But I was happy because I was continually building a better squad.

With the arrival of TOTS, I was excited in the anticipation of bringing many insane new players into the team. And that's what I have done. During PL TOTS I packed TAA from a premium electrum players pack (yes I was shocked too). I was finally able to sit back and say, I've built my Ultimate Team. I want to enjoy it now and play with my team.


So, in the last few weeks I have played way more games than normal. I played FUT Champs several times and grinded objectives. However, as my play time increased my pack luck decreased. Even though my weekly rewards were better, the walkouts completely dried up.

And from what I've seen of elite and top 100 players' rewards, they aren't being 'rewarded' for their efforts either. To me it's sad that the more you put into the game, the less you get out of it.

At the end of the day, I feel like I've had extremely good luck throughout this FIFA but in the last few weeks I've experienced what many more avid players have been feeling the whole year. And it's shit. Thanks for reading and sorry for the essay.

TL;DR: Had insane luck throughout the year when I was more of a casual player, but the more I actually played the game the worse luck I had. Makes me think that pack weights are deliberately skewed to give better rewards to players who play the game less in order to hook them on the game.

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