New crossing technique (Update)

FIFA19 4 - New crossing technique (Update)

I made a post earlier today about pressing LB+RB (L1+R1 on PS4) when heading or volleying a cross. Some people thought it was fake so here are three videos to show it does work.

The reason this works is that you are getting a High Jump + Accurate header. Keeping shoot pressed for longer will make your player jump higher. This was probably designed by EA to make defenders stronger. As a defender you can just keep shoot pressed to get a high jump and clear the ball, but if you do the same with your striker, his header will go over the bar.

This is where LB+RB is useful. If you press it after jumping, your striker will point the header downwards. So you get a higher jump and an accurate header.

Video 1 (Tap B only)


Video 2 (Keep B pressed, see the difference in jump height)

Video 3 (Keep B pressed, then press LB+RB at the end)


Another video from Div 5. This guy was completely outplaying me, then quit after I scored 2 from 2 crosses. It wasn't really fair on him though. To put this in context, before this I had scored maybe 4 or 5 headers in more than 200 games. I am now scoring 3-4 per game.

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