No, the market being high in early december isn’t unprecedented – Market Info

FIFA19 3 - No, the market being high in early december isn't unprecedented - Market Info

I honestly don't know why this is happening, but for the past few days all I'm hearing and reading about is that this year the FUT market is in complete disarray, players just keep going up in price and that we never saw anything like that. A quick look at FUTBIN would tell you guys otherwise and show you that this ALWAYS happens. And it's easy to understand why: each year, more and more people "know" about the Black Friday Market Crash, so more and more people hold on to their coins, which in turn makes that prices drop a little BEFORE Black Friday (because of the people that "sell for the crash") and just keep going up and up until mid december. Seriously, EVERY YEAR.

Look at the prices of Ronaldo for the last three years. In FIFA 17, he was around 1.2 to 1.3 million before BF. By mid december he was 1.6 million. In FIFA 18, Ronaldo was around 1.6 million weeks before BF. By mid december, he was close to 2 million.

And this trend holds true to all the big/meta cards. In FIFA 17, Hazard was around 160k before BF. Mid december: 180k. Neuer: 170k to 200k. Suárez: 420k to 480k. Ramos: 100k to 130k. Ferdinand: 550k to 650k. Vieira: 1.4 million to 1.8 million.

In FIFA 18, Hazard was 250k before BF, 300k two weeks after. Messi was 800k weeks before BF, 850k during december. Griezmann was 210k, then 240k. De Gea was 190k a week before BF, 240k in december. 90 Gullit went from 3.2 million mid november to 3.8 million mid december. Baby Vieira went from 1.3 to 1.45.

So hold on to your panties (and your coins) because TOTGS, FUTMas and then TOTY are coming and the market will start trending down, and not keep going up indiscriminately. Maybe they won't go down as much as they did in the past few years, but they will. By mid/late january, most players (if not all) will be at their lowest point ever. And the ones that aren't, will be at least at their lowest since BF.

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