Ok this is pretty embarrassing…

FIFA19 9 - Ok this is pretty embarrassing...

Hi guys, this is my first post on this thread and I have to warn you: there are at least 2 embarrasing things in it…

-The first one is that a married 35 years old is asking (read begging) help to get better in playing a videogame

-The second one is that I totally suck at this game. I havent consistently played sport videogames in a while (like 10 years? And the last one was pes) but some months ago I decided to buy a playstation 4 and start playing Fifa. So I have been playing Fifa 19 since october and I’m so bad at it. I’m in division 6 and cant get any better, I always end up on silver 2 in the WL (but this week i’ll be lucky if i reach Silver 3). I Don’t know what to do: I watch tutorials on Youtube, try to master some skills but still I notice that i struggle a lot to score a goalwhen my opponents can easily get inside my box with just few passes (looks like their players are always at the right place at the right time, while mine sometimes make wrong movements) or can easily score from outside the box. In defence i often lose head duels while when attacking I seldom win one, not to mention corner kicks: I score 1 gol every 30 corner kicks maybe, when I conce one every 7 or 8… what am i doing wrong? Is it tactics? Lack of skill (that’s for sure)? What can I do to get better?

EDIT: if someone wants to play some friendly matches my username is SalviNorge, feel free to add me 😉

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