Out of Position Player Review – Libertadores Banguero at CDM

FIFA19 1 - Out of Position Player Review - Libertadores Banguero at CDM

This guy's face stats are absolutely mindblowing when you can pick him up for just over 30k. M/H workrates, 99 Stamina, 97 Strength and 88 Interceptions make him look insane. His stats are perfect for a left back, so I thought why not try him him at CDM?

For starters, I played with this team, and I obviously needed some icons to help out with the links, I switched to a 4231 in game and swapped him and Olaza around, so he'd play CDM and Olaza LB. I also decided to put an engine on him to boost his passing and pace just a little more. I played in Division 5 Rivals. Here's a rundown of his stats:

Pace (10/10) – 90 Pace (94 w/ Engine) is unbelieveable for a CDM at this point in the game, that's all I can say really, he's just fast.

Shooting (N/A) – Didn't take any shots with him really as he sat back for most of the games (which is kinda what you want).

Passing (9/10) – This would be a 10 had he not got 3* Weakfoot. His passing was normally spot on don't get me wrong, but there were times he produced a pearoller because he hit the ball on the wrong foot. HOWEVER, after looking at the stats after each game, his passes completed stat was mostly flawless which surprised me considering he did duff a couple of them.

Dribbling (8/10) – Again, this would be perfect had he not had 60 Balance which was sometimes noticeable. A couple of times he got pushed and did stumble a little, but his strength meant he managed to win the ball back almost instantly, which I felt was a big pro. He's definitely a warrior in that sense. He's also quite quick to turn compared to other CDMs I used and the dribbling boost w/ Engine certainly helps. His composure is also high at 87, which is surprising considering a lot of cards that get big upgrades do fall behind here. It certainly helps as I noticed when he's being pressed heavily his composure combined with his strength basically means he has nerves of steel.


Defending (9/10) – He reminds of Allan a lot in the sense that he is just absolutely everywhere on the pitch. 88 Interceptions and 97 Strength means he just runs into people, pushes them over and runs away with it at his feet. He could probably just pick it up with his hands cos the ref would be too scared to penalize him anyway. This again would be a 10/10 had he not got 76 defensive awareness by default. I'd say probably use a chem style that boosts his defending if you try him, because there were a couple of times where he'd sit back quite far and end up not marking anyone because he forgot where he was. Luckily this happened on 1 or 2 occasions but it can cost you against tougher opponents. Definitely boost that stat.

Physical (10/10) – His best stat by far, I mean 99 Stamina and 97 Strength is just broken. He can keep going the entire game and he can still throw Adama Traore into the shadow realm at the 92nd minute. Didn't notice his 66 jumping either as he's 6'1".

Verdict (9/10) – An absolutely unbelieveable bargain of a player. I would give him an overall 10/10 but he's just quite hard to link without icons. But if you do have icons I 100% recommend trying him out, I reckon he can do a shift across the whole defense and maybe even at CM. I'd recommend putting powerhouse on him.

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