PL SBC: How I prepared, Exactly who I used, and the Total Cost. (Images of teams/players included)

FIFA19 7 - PL SBC: How I prepared, Exactly who I used, and the Total Cost. (Images of teams/players included)

I had a big long post explaining each team but I’ve lost where I copied it. So here’s just the pictures of what I used HERE

Hope this can help people on the teams.

The images were not intended to be uploaded so excuse the messiness of it – was just intended to keep track on the coins I’m spending.

A few notes I’ll make:

There are 12 players from each team bought, this covers formations most of the time. There is an exception of 2 teams (United and someone else) where I was satisfied with 11 in the club.

The rating beside the team is not what I think it will be. I found it on another post, but all teams meet it easily, with again some exceptions. If Arsenal require an 82, take out a low rated gold for Sokratis and pray for chemistry. Liverpool’s rating hits 81, I hope this should be bang on or a bit more than required, Man City hits 82, being the Title holders I hope this will be the only 82 rated squad, which is still very expensive, and United hits 81 too. Spurs was also surprisingly expensive, because of their CBs (which I didn’t use but limits players you can use).

What to expect? Look at a recent good post here

IMPORTANT EDIT: I’ve just gotten some question on if chemistry works for Cardiff and Spurs.

Cardiff! I had to buy another CB! You can also buy another LB (and maybe another RW, with one LW as LM playing LB, and maybe converting a CM to CDM if needed!)

Spurs: . Spurs in a 433(2) (or any 433) – gets 95 chemistry as you can see here , well hear me out. Convert Sissoko to a CDM and he gets 10, mine gets 10 as a CM there with loyalty. My two CMs Dele and Dembele were bought as CAMS, as CMs, gets 10 chemistry. You can take this 2 extra chem points away from the extra chemistry my CDMs as CBs get (as they’ve loyalty). Now Convert RM Lamela to a RW and boom 95 chem. In a 422 use an extra ST for Sissoko.

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Man City: A team that actually uses 433(2). Play one CB in CDM, Mendy as LWB at LW, the RM bronze (or any bronze mid) at CM too.

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