Player review – 92 Prime Icon Hristo Stoichkov

FIFA19 5 - Player review - 92 Prime Icon Hristo Stoichkov

Now I don't usually do player reviews. But it would feel wrong not to sing my praises about El Pistolero. I packed him from the prime icon pack back on Saturday and took him into weekend league and was blown away with how ridiculously good he was and how fun he made the game.

Quick note: I stopped when I hit gold 3 in WL since I spent Friday and Saturday grinding for the pack and didn't have the time to aim higher while keeping my sanity. I ended the weekend 14-6 with 2 people quitting at 0-0 (tossers).

XvR5eH4 - Player review - 92 Prime Icon Hristo Stoichkov

His stats after 20 games + the 2 bitch quits. After using him in rivals since he's now on 55 games, 79 goals, 31 assists.

My main team after custom tactics and a second team I used for a couple of games for a bit of fun.

I don't see too many people use Stoichkov, which is weird considering on paper he's got absolutely everything you need apart from a right foot, but every time I've come up against any version of him before he's bent me right over and smashed my arse in. As a result when I saw that Bulgaria flag pop up I knew it was my turn.


Now he doesn't feel blisteringly fast – he'll still get outran by the faster fullbacks – but I was surprised at just how consistently he gets past his defenders and leaves them behind him. I've used plenty of fast players this year and I can honestly say the only ones that I feel are ACTUALLY faster are Kent, Cornet and Gelson Martins, the last 2 of which pretty much just have pace and nothing else in their locker. Overall a solid 10/10


By far his best attribute other than his shooting. He doesn't look like he should be able to dribble well but god damn, he's smooth as hell, especially in the box. Always keeps the ball close to his feet and can take a man on as easy as anyone can in FIFA 20. Dragbacks are smooth, L1 dribbling is smooth and he has 4* skills so he can pretty much do anything a top tier winger can. Incredible for a striker and again a very good 10/10


Shooting with this guy is just straight up unfair. If he has the ball in the box it's a goal. If he's on the edge of the box in space it's a goal. If he's 1v1 with the keeper it's a goal. He barely hits the post and barely ever takes a bad shot. The only thing that SHOULD let him down is his weak foot but ask anyone who has used him and they'll tell you his weak foot doesn't mean shit, I've not noticed it at all. The best thing about his shooting is how quick it is. Most of his shots have an animation where instead of winding up to shoot (and letting a defender get in the way), he kinda steps into the ball to hit it. A split second between pressing the button and the shot coming off every time. Overall a very impressive 162/10



I set him to stay forward so don't defend with him but he has very high aggression so he often wins the ball back in the box which is all you need defensively from an attacker really.


Now my attackers have to have high passing, hence why I usually use wingers at striker – before Stoichkov I played Hazard and Correa at striker with Odegaard at CAM. He's as good at passing as you expect really. Can get any pass off easily but not world changing. I use him mainly to finish off attacks though with my other attackers dealing with the build up play. Surprisingly good at crossing though. 8/10


Lets be honest, jumping doesn't matter. His strength is way above average, he can body a motherfucker or two in the box especially when winning the ball back – feels like Rooney if you've used him. Average body type too lends itself to keeping players off. Stamina is okay but I play very quick so he gets knackered by the end of the game. I don't really notice it since as the game goes on I play through my subs more, but I'm sure some people would find an issue with it. 9/10


Overall he's completely an utterly ridiculous in game. He knows how to move and he has the best shot I have ever seen from a player. His only glaring weaknesses are his M/M workrates and 3* weak foot and believe me, these don't matter at ALL since they're pretty much nullified by his stats and by setting him to stay forward/get in behind. I'm not saying this lightly since I've always used plenty of ridiculous players – the last 3 years I've had TOTS Neymar in 17, Ronaldo in 18 and Messi in 19, all of whom fill out my favourite ever players, but this Stoichkov is 100% my absolute favourite player I've ever EVER used. If you need a striker for around a mil you won't regret buying him at all.

Overall nothing short of a complete 10/10

P.S. I just have to share this beauty I scored with him

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