Player review of Amin Younes – The hero I needed, but not the one I deserved.

FIFA19 8 - Player review of Amin Younes - The hero I needed, but not the one I deserved.

When the weekly objectives for SMS and Boateng dropped, I knew I wanted to do both of them. Unfortunately, I do not have any Serie A or German players in my main team (Cancelo has like 3 goals in 200 games so he doesn't count). So to make it more of a challenge and because I'm lazy, I looked at options to do them together. Emre Can and Sami Khedira were probably the obvious options but

a) I do not have the Carniball Can unfortunately and

b) They do not fit into my team directly.

Step forward Amin Younes. Also helped that I already had him in my club.

Player attributes with Sniper chem:

Team used in:

In game:

Younes Stats: Games – 28 (2 people disconnected immediately after the game started, guessing they were relegating themselves for the objectives) Goals – 17 (3 penalties) Assists – 0

TLDR: Got both SMS and Boateng in the end. Younes is pretty awful.

This turned out to be harder than I thought – I started in Div 1 (cheers EA) with a Skill rating of just under 2300. It has taken a hit over the last few days and is currently at ~2150 but it doesn't really mean much. Goes without saying that most Div 1 players do not care about objectives.

My gameplan was as follows: Give Younes every opportunity to score at 0-0 and 0-1. This includes taking every set piece with him, including him in every single attacking play, deliberately turning around when 1 on 1 with someone else to try and feed Younes etc. If Younes scores, he has completed his mission – immediately sub him off and keep him ready for future challenges. If I concede twice to go 0-2, I would quit to save everyone's time.

In 17 of the 28 games, I did score with Younes (so either the 1-0 or 1-1 goal). Out of these 17 games, I lost 3 and drew 4. 2 of the draws were due to me conceding a last minute equalizer, and one of the loss was due to VVD slide tackling the opposition striker and getting a red card when I was pressing X to get the ball out of the box.

Side note – Why are objectives to win games made in a game mode where it is possible neither team can win? Come on EA.

With that said, let's get into the review that nobody asked for!


Pace – 79. Not a bad stat tbf, the 84 acceleration meant that he was able to get a good jumpstart on midfielders. Don't expect to beat any players with pace though, the nature of FIFA 19 means that unless you have 95 pace, you will get caught up (and sometimes even if you do have 95 pace). 6/10

Shooting – 58 (66 with Sniper). As bad as a 58 shooting rating suggests. Missed a lot of simple chances including open nets and finesse from near the penalty spot. However, it was not entirely a lost cause – He did score 17 in 28! There were times when he would randomly bang it in from the edge of the box with his 55 shot power and 56 long shots. Scored one header when he was totally free in the box, all the rest were with his right foot. His 2* WF is a definite con, don't even try. 5.5/10

Passing – 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) – Serviceable. The only passes I was able to make with him are simple and straight L1 + pass to one of the other players 5-10 yards away. Anything more almost always misses the target or is underhit. 6/10

Dribbling – 85 (94 with Sniper) – By far his best stat, great agility, balance and dribbling. Kept it close to his feet and was able to come out of skill moves fairly quickly. Heel to heel and La Croqueta were staple. There were a few iffy first touches where the ball would randomly bounce off him, but that happens with even Messi in this game so whatever.. 8/10

Defending – 37. No.

Physical – 58. His biggest con. He's small and weak. Most games he's up against some combination of VVD, FB Luiz, Kante, Fabinho, CB/CDM icons. As you can imagine, anywhere in the near vicinity of these players would result in possession loss. The only option if he received the ball within 10 yards of these players was to immediately get rid by shooting or passing. Refs also don't call obvious fouls on him (EA's way of boosting high rated defenders). Stamina is the best attribute here at 79, he was able to last the whole match (but if he did, it means the score was stuck at 0-0 or 0-1 till the end, so an extremely boring game in all probability)

WR – M/M not ideal but atleast it wasn't high defensive

In the end I'm glad it's over and I got both players – with a little bit of rejigging, SMS fits my team and Boateng will go into an SBC.

Would I recommend doing this? No.

Is he worth 1500 coins? No.

Will I be playing with him ever again? No.

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