Playing FIFA with OCD is hard at times

FIFA19 3 - Playing FIFA with OCD is hard at times

I recently did one of the utradeable TOTW upgrades and got IF Olsen. I used a lot of the high rated players in my club for him. Not the best but still something. However, because I didn't press 'Claim Pack' on the companion app 'right', I felt forced to discard him for nothing. So I used all those players for nothing.

I have done other SBCs where I felt I had to discard them. These included players like kagawa, Keira and Albiol. All untradeable and obtained from upgrade packs.

Then there's the problem of actually starting the game.

I have to restart the loading process if:


I touch my controller buttons during the loading screens (apart from when I'm required to press 'A')

I don't press the 'A' button 'right at any point during the loading screens

I don't skip before the 'Frostbite' logo goes away

I don't skip the language option in time

I have had to restart over ten times in one go before for these reasons

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, just needed to get this off my chest.

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