Playing Fut Champs with Llorente and Crouch up front: A sad yet true story

FIFA19 2 - Playing Fut Champs with Llorente and Crouch up front: A sad yet true story

So basically, when 81 Llorente came out, i made a post saying i was tempted to play him and 73 Crouch as a strike duo (as they both have pace in the low 30s) as a joke, but since i was looking for a change from normal Weekend League with my normal team, i decided to actually do it.

Few things i want to clear up before i tell you how it went;

●I only played 29 games with Llorente + Crouch up front as i had already played a game before Llorente was released (4-2 Loss)

●Bar the first actual game i played with them, i used a 4-2-2-2 throughout the Weekend League which looked like this; GK: 93 Schmichael LB: 80 Kolasinac CBs: 80 Mee, 78 Mina RB: 81 Pereira
CDMs: 90 Keane, 81 Doucoure
CAMs: 76 Sissoko, 82 Sigrudsson
ST: Llorente and Crouch (duh). In my first game i used a 5 defender formation at the suggestion from someone in the original post, but i quickly ditched it as it became (and remained) my biggest lost all Weekend League that week.

●I am a Gold 2/3 quality player

●Some people asked why i didn't choose 87 Giroud in the orignal post, and that was simply because he was too fast. The objective of this expeirment was to see how well we could do with two of the slowest players in the game, and while Giroud is slow (~50 pace) he's not STUPIDLY slow (~30 pace, like Llorente, Crouch)

Ok now that thats done, he is how my Weekend League went:

OVERALL: Final Result: 8-22 (Silver 2) Biggest Loss: Game 2 (7-2) Biggest Win: Game 7 and Game 30 (6-1, 7-2) Times Matches Went Into Extra Time: 5 (W1, L4) Times Matches Went To Penalties: 1 (L1) Dabbers Met: 3 (W1, L2)


LLORENTE: Games Played: 29 Goals Scored: 24 Assists: 5 Average Goals per Game: 0.83 Average Assists per Game: 0.17 MOTM: 3

CROUCH: Games Played: 29 Goals Scored: 21 Assists: 8 Average Goals per Game: 0.72 Average Assists per Game: 0.28 MOTM: 4

COMBINED: Games Played: 58 Goals Scored: 45 Assists: 13 Average Goals per Game: 0.78 Average Assists per Game: 0.22 MOTM: 7

Overview: Although you probably read through this post in 5 – 10minitues this expierment took me a solid 2 days to do. And although it looks like i did pretty well considering the circumstances, the game still fucked me over, with the opponent still scoring sweatys, rebounds and the likes. Although i went into every game with low expections (you can't blame me) i still found some losses hard to take. It basically was the same as any other Weekend League for an average player like me, but i had to deal with Llorente and Crouch. And believe me, they are worse than they look. Llorente was ok i guess because he could actually finsh, but Crouch, jesus christ don't get me started on him. The man could literally only do headers. The only reason he has that many goals is beacuse he would dominate corners.

But anyway, that about rounds up my post. Feel free to comment or upvote 🙂

Edit: Here i've linked an Imgur album of my notepad with all my results that i'd been using to keep track of my Weekend League
ppw0b0n - Playing Fut Champs with Llorente and Crouch up front: A sad yet true story

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