Poor man packed Messi and reviewed some liga cheap players (fut20 )

FIFA19 3 - Poor man packed Messi and reviewed some liga cheap players (fut20 )

Hi all
casual player here, div 6 in rivals who enjoys a bit of challenge and competition…who just found UNtradable messi in a pack
I cant believe what just happened a few days ago,
1) I want to share with the community how it exactly happened
2) I wanted to share some thoughts on some laliga cheap players i tried in wl


it was a wednesday i think,
started playing fifa around 18:00 … It was the last hour before end of that UCL objective to score twice with UCL player and win 2 games with 2 UCL cards in the team,
i was not planning on doing the objective initially ….but hey in the previous objective i got 2 UCL midfielders with <60 shooting…..that sounds challenging !
i liked the challenge to score and win with them in rivals, i mean how hard could it be… just put them striker and see…
Btw i am between division 6 and 5 (definitely division 6 after the objective hunting…)

as expected they missed chance after chance, open goals…headers… but that was not the most frustrating, the most frustrating was that they kept dropping deep and defending…

18:30 30 min left ….and i was still 0 goal 0 win….shouting at my players as you do, and losing games as you do…damn i totally underestimated this challenge, tried to be smart about it but i quickly learned that quitting the game after scoring with a UCL player does not count in the objective…it needs a full game to complete or the other player to quit

started loosing hope so i said 'hey lets score own goals, maybe offering the win to the other player he will understand a man in need' , and I quickly discovered 3 own goals automatically rage quits you ! just what i needed

18:40 20 min left….and i was still 0 goal 0 win … i finally got some opponent i felt i could beat …usually you know who you are dealing with after 2 minutes of play… it was still a struggle with those garbage players in the team but i got to lead score after the half time and scored with one of the blue stinky cards and he rage quit…perfect i thought! thanks i needed that rage quit

18:55 min … 5 min left, i had 1/2 goals and 1/2 wins, i thought it was over but i thought to myself hey maybe if you start a game before the objective ends it counts…what do i have to loose anyway

so i press start to join the next game and in the loading screen here comes a 'ohhhh shiiiit ' team of beautifully linked bundesliga cards with non other than havertz and friends, (not such good memories from playing against those teams before )
2 minutes in and i was like … ah i think i can get the win…started feeling confident, scored … but there was always that threat of 'surprise come back'…at the last minutes opponent went full atttack (as they do) and left just enough space for my blue card to get a chance….its a goal.. yesss !

that was the last minute of the game, still some suspens about rewards…leave the game menu quickly…automatic rewards delivered….Hallelujah to fifa miracles

Now lets open those packs …ah that green prime players pack looks nice….pack opens…. hmmm that was a nice animation… i wonder which 82 goalkeeper it will be (really bad at noticing the pack animations but got used to 82 gkpers popping)
Step 1)Hey seems i got a board….wonder which 83 84 it will be…..
Step 2) flag of argentina appears…. hmmm cant remember any argentinian goalkeeper or slow cdm …
Step 3) oh its a RW….interesting….which non famous slow rw from argentina it could be….
Step 4) Barcelona….hmmm i wonder …did Barcelona contract a new player from argentina…strange
Step 5} Freaking Leo Messi face appear as he walks out…..minute of silence,,,, then i get back to life… am like what the F just happened……get the phone out …..get the phone out…. this needs to be saved….
Step 6) Share photo with another fifa addict friend…get insta called
Step 7) shall i make an argentian team or a laliga team ?….I take a look at my coins…. cheap Laliga it will be!

Cheap La liga Player reviews

So i built a team around my newly hired gem….as you do …

And….I dropped my previous team with a pain in the chest…. as you do…. 'you cheap guys will be forever remembered'…and not just words….i wrote my first article about you
(review of those Poor man French hybrid warriors is available in the link below)
Poor man fut 20 players review

Now i usually experiment a bit before going to wl but i was out of time, So I played a few games without my shiny messi card (so shiny :')) to find out who i can get in and then i played one with the Leo on board

Actually as i am writing I just finished 30 games of wl and the new team managed to scrap 19 Wins and loose 11 times on the way (previous team got 13 wins 17 loss)

So here is my opinion on my cheap laliga players
GK MASIP 82 : Oh man what a discovery… i was out of coins so i had to find some 82 Goalkeeper in my squad…(i was pretty confident one of those 82 GK was in Laliga)

So This guy is Neo in the matrix stopping all the bullets…(…ok…almost all),
he feels so tiny with his 5'11 , and he does not like crosses that much….on few occasions in rivals he was watching the ball go over his head….is also not the best in rushing the opponent players….
but man oh man in the critical moments when all the other players were absent…he showed up and was saving left and right …some times double saves….saved so much one to ones….i said sorry to some opponents.. really good reflexes and positioning …. only the more experienced opponents who knew how to win one to ones could get a finesse around him


CBS : Mario Hermoso, Diego Carlos, Gabriel Paulista : My Spartans

Can't point differences but these guys together complemented and covered each other like they always played with each other
I was amazed by how much pressure they could stand, and quite cleanly with no silly penalty i can recall
sometimes opponents teams would be attacking like waves, wave after wave, these guys are solid
And I faced icon strikers (not end game but still..), other Messis, neymars, mbappes (not just me..huh), griezmans, Lewandowskis. werners.. Zahas…EPL strikers
Only Rashford and Aubameyang would easily slip
Hermoso feels so smart, Gabriel feels like a leader and Diego is the quiet hardworker
Paulista was a bit expensive 3200 coins
Diego was 700 coins
Hermoso was first owned

They did not need help from wingers, and i started feeling confident being pinned down by opponent attacks


Partey : AKA the Bulldozer for 950 coins
This guy feels like a fifa icon in winning duels…so much physical presence….booya! he likes to slam into other players
Feels like an extra angry CB in the midfield, that is frustrated for not getting CB position (sorry man Chem rules)
Not the most disciplined: He does tend to want to attack but he really should not….really…..he cant shoot despite what the stat might say, dare i say he reminds me of gullit (i mean he thinks he is gullit )
But hey his late runs in the box do cause some distraction and on some rare occasions he found the net
He seems better at scoring when ball is in the air He scored a corner header and a volley
Apart from that he is a bit slow motion with the ball and has inaccurate touches, not to be left alone dribbling with the ball…. i guess he would do good as CDM with 'stay back Please' instruction
Passing is just acceptable
12 assists and 4 goals out of 31 games

Vidal : The Vidal
A bit disappointed to be honest, i had expectations buying this card for 2.800 coins
he knew how to stay back in previous fifa, but now he seems to have forgotten (or i seem to have forgotten)
I had to tell him 'stay back while attack' cause the Bulldozer was already roaming in there
Still smart, intercepts and tracks back,
a bit less physical than expected but still did the job
under pressure his pass quality decreases
dribbling is acceptable
He can shoot but i preferred to keep him focused on defense and help the CBs build up as the stat will show
4 goals and 2 assists in 31 games

CAM : Fekir aka Messi's assistant/apprentice
2.700 coins

I wish he had a 4 star weakfoot,
not the most hardworker, sometimes is missing in a game,
but when he is there he likes to combine with the maestro and make such beautiful runs in the box
also knows how to create space …will keep the CBs of the opponent busy in some cases
Not the most decisive… he did miss a few easy ones…but that is okay since he also scored/created some good ones
Creative and knows how to pass and cover his ball, feels like messi in build type and play style, dare i say poor mans messi…if only that wf..
was not too much outmuscled
16 goals and 18 assists in 31 games

ST : Jovic aka mr 5 star wf
1500 coins
i love this guy,
Decisive and can hold a ball, that is what i ask from an ST
Right foot left foot , with first touch without first touch with header, with volley you name it he scores it
Cant recall a moment he missed
extra bonus is the decent passing and dribbling,
gets a bit tired at the end of the game but will still know where the goal is

31 goals and 16 assists in 37 games


LM Guedes
2100 coins

did not know how to position himself in attacking play, but when he got a good run he had a good shot or a very good cross with his Weak foot
sometimes confuses which foot to use left or right, gets a bit annoying (but hey am the one playing a right footed LM)
this guy knows how to cross a ball deliciously
He did not get involved as much and he does get tired though
passing and dribbling were okay
maybe the 3412 formation did not suit him

He feels he would be good in more central positions, (cam, st)

3 goals and 6 assists in 31 games

RM Vinicius aka that annoying player who used to be expensive

1400 coins
not that present

defended a bit more than i expected,
did not take part in the attack as much as expected,
did not feel as agile as expected (maybe 5 chemistry is the reason…)
was decisive when needed, (rarely involved though)
passing is just ok
His stamina is amazing for a winger, does not need to be replaced, but he did not feel happy playing RM

1 goals 2 assists in 31 games

last but far from least of course, ode to the star
ST Leo Messi (i guess he does not need a review but here is some stats)
NOT a review
Played him as RF in ST with 7 chem though i was not sure i could manage playing with a small build ST ( my natural comfort zone is for tall strong strikers) He quickly cleared my doubts
35 goals 16 assists in 31 games (one rival game before going to fut champs)

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