Poor man’s fifa fut20 starter player review !

FIFA19 6 - Poor man's fifa fut20 starter player review !

Hi all
casual player here, enjoys a bit of competition online and looking for the perfect cheap competitive team
one thing i enjoyed in this fifa community in the previous games are the detailed player reviews !!

i usually play fifa around end of season (game is cheaper)

this is my first time to start a fifa game with not so many reviews available

so i wanted to share my experience played about 150 games on fifa 20

i started with french players and added a few epl along the way (as the dembele OTW card was released in the objectives)

So here is my opinion on my players

GK: Baumann,
packed him at start and kept him because he did a decent job…and chemistry with CBs,
he is slow to attack the ball and makes mistakes but has good reaction feet saves and catches some clear goal chances
fairly good in one on one with regular strikers


CB Diallo: the savior, the shield, guy deserves a medal
is at the right place at the right time, wins tackles, catches up to strikers and sabotages their one to one it's a goal shots at the very last second when all hope is lost !
feels smart and makes up for teammates mistakes,
he shines especially in war zones against super tough high pressing teams,

CB Konate:
quiet and does the job, no particular sign, gets a bit aggressive sometimes

CB Upamecano:
The Penalty Specialist, 13 Yellow cards and 3 red cards, his face is on the screen everytime I concede a penalty
this dude is a radioactive hulk, everything he touches crumbles in agony and… just gets a foul
other than that, he is just fine….replaced with kimpembe as soon as the occasion appeared



Hardworker, reliable, polyvalent
takes part in a bit of everything, wins balls, covers the midfield well and knows to hold his ground in an attacking phase, and when he gets a chance in the box he has a decent shot
can be a CAM if needed, but lacks a bit of slippery agility lotion and creative passing
Gets tired at the last 15 minutes in tough battles

aka the duke ..the monster truck, the mad dog. love this guy since previous fifa
very active and noticeable in games, rather defensive minded
wins battles in midfield and resists to pressure, can be trusted to dribble a bit with the ball and distribute play despite stats


troubles to the opponent, slippery and passes the ball well, also has some good finishing on him, a bit weakish as expected though, replaced by ndombele objective

Ndombele (objective card)


not the typical CAM card but hey that chemistry voice whispers… "maybe give it a shot"
surprised myself performs well as a CAM partly because of his build and positionning
he confuses defenses and makes surprisingly good runs in the box when the CBs are following strikers
gets into really good positions and gets underestimated by opponents but unfortunately finishing is very unconsistent to say the least
still adds lots of threat and confusion 41 goals and 44 assists in 84 games
extra bonus:this guy will defend no matter what position he will play, he will track back up to the corner pole even in CAM


Aka the finisher
obviously not the fastest and falls out of balance a bit too often… but wait

consistent shooting !, knows were to shoot from both feet and scores even from tough angles when unexpected
guy beats de gea far post !
can not create his own space but given that half a second unwatched to turn and he will score
knows to protect his ball and feels unexpectedly agile , plays one-twos really well and has some really good super assists
wins some headers but not much noticeable in that area

44 goals and 22 assists in 48 games…dropped with pain in the heart for…the pukki

aka Donkey King, the runner, freak
Prolific striker despite unconsistent shooting and lack of agility, it's all in the positionning
He just likes to make runs all the time and puts himself in the right place at the right time,
He will get so many chances that he will score braces and hat tricks fairly often
other than that
needs adjustment before shooting and will frustrate the most patient till blasphemy of all religions with missing sitters
avoid left leg and avoid thinking of assists
passing him the ball is like a hot boiling ticking bomb till it gets in the net or lost
his passing is so bad, passing back or assisting is not an option

but hey… he somehow manages to be a threat and scuffles goals out of nowhere
Can create his own space when facing or siding goal and there is not already a defender grinding his pants from behind

his shot is quite powerful and beautiful to watch beat the keeper when it is hit carefully

80 goals and 39 assists in 69 games


Willian : came in a pack
combattive veteran, he is a trooper
secretly fantasizes about being a defender, he likes to defend and does a really good job stopping and tracking back opponents wingers
also has this weird drift inside under the cb shoulder in the box runs, that is a goal almost every time
wins balls and helps build up
also links with Joalinton

7 assists and 10 goals in 55 games

ismaila Sarr: aka the fast trash

fast but didnt like him, replaced by fraser

guy annoyed me so much in rivals i gave him a chance
does a good job overall but a bit weakish and i seem to not be utilizing his full dribbling potential

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