Positive post: some things I love about this year’s FIFA.

FIFA19 1 - Positive post: some things I love about this year’s FIFA.

OK, I know there are a ton of problems with the gameplay, and sadly that may never change. But let’s focus on all the things EA have got right this year, in my opinion.

Content: really I think they’re nailing it this year. I’m actually excited to see what drops each day. SBCs have been good (minus the icons), affordable and creative – FUTswap has been very fun to keep track of during the month to get some nice rewards. I just love how active they’ve been with releasing new cards etc. Even league SBCs have been sped up massively, which is great.

Also, the card design is fantastic – the flashback cards are beautiful and I can’t wait to see what kind of designs they have for FUTmas etc.

Weekend League: the most accessible and rewarding one to date in my opinion. I know some people hate the player picks but not having to grind a whole month and still being in with a chance to get a good Red IF is awesome. Means I can take a weekend off and not worry about grinding!

Player picks: whether from league SBCs or whatever, I love the choice element from rewards. Choice in general is great, especially in division rival rewards. Craving packs? Need coins? They’ve got you covered. I love that.

Flashbacks: as I said above, these have added a lot of nice content to the game, but the best part is it lets a lot of us relive our childhoods. You missed seeing Pato tear it up at AC Milan? Here’s an 88 rated one with incredible stats. You miss that incredible Barca team? Here’s a 90 rated Dani Alves with stats an icon would be proud of. What’s even better is that because coins are so easy to come by this year, any regular player is able to save up enough to complete these SBCs if they want. It’s great.

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On the pitch: there isn’t as much to be excited about, every year there is a new abusable meta, and the skill gap at times feels non-existent. But if we really didn’t have any fun playing whatsoever, we wouldn’t be on this sub right now. There’s still a lot of fun to be had in creating a team and trying it out online. Scoring a goal with your new untradeable player, vindicating your decision to get him – that’s a great feeling.

TL;DR not everyone will agree but content wise, this FIFA is damn fun. It’s not perfect, but I’ll still be playing it all the time.

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