Premier League League SBC Tips

FIFA19 7 - Premier League League SBC Tips

I bought all of the teams for close to 120k. This number will most likely double when the teams actually come out. Based on what I built, these are the common problems in each team you need to look out for.

Use another league SBCs to check ratings. Dont use usual squad builders. It's difficult because of bench ratings. Make sure Chelsea Manu Mancity Arsenal Liverpool spurs are all 81 or 80 atleast.

I built using 4231(2) formation and just to be sure bought an extra CB and extra CM. Atlanta United in MLS has this formation.

  1. Arsenal – Gonna be expensive because the Rates are really expensive so you have to go with non rares and you may end up getting close to 8 Non Rares to get 81 ratings. Prepare in advance. No risk of any specific position though.

  2. Bournemouth – The team has only like 8-9 gold cards so you may have to pick up those silvers or bronzes right away for some positions in wing and Wingbacks.

  3. Brighton – Same as Arsenal. Too many Non rare gold's. Might become expensive if not prepared in advance.

  4. Burnley – Same as Brighton and Arsenal.

  5. Cardiff City – The real shit starts here. The team has only 4 gold's. Everything else is Silver and Bronze only. This can easily cost you 15k if not planned in advance. Price fixing has already started.

  6. Chelsea – Surprisingly easy and since kepa morata are cheap, rating isn't an issue either.

  7. Crystal Palace, Wingbacks and left wing are silvers and bronzes only. Might become expensive. They also have a lot of rare gold's so no price worry here.

  8. Everton – 50% Rares and 50% non rares and most of them are cheap. No issues here.

  9. Fulham – Same issue as Arsenal. Too many Non Rares. No wingback gold though. Beware.

  10. HUDDERSFIELD – Might need 3-4 silvers and mostly non rares. Might become expensive and silvers can go extinct.

  11. Leicester City – Easy peasy. Same as Arsenal.

  12. Liverpool – Surprising that it wasn't expensive. Because of Henderson and Keita, ratings also not an issue. The problem is wingers. Make sure you buy all the other positions so you can use random guys at wings.

  13. Manchester City – The most expensive one ever. Genuinely no reasonable midfield or Wing options other than burning a huge hole in wallet. Those silver guys are going extinct. Mark my words.

  14. Manchester United – not that expensive because of a lot of players being gold rares and are within 1k. Rating is also easy because of lingasrd Fred and Herrera.

  15. Newcastle United – Same as Arsenal. Too many Non Rares.

  16. Southampton – No single Rare Gold. Gonna be hell of expensive. Buy these now.

  17. Spurs – The Centre backs are going extinct because of every gold one being 10k+. Silvers are the only options. The left side is manned only by son. So, make sure you fill all positions. There are no Goalkeepers other than Vorm who is surprisingly very low at 400 coins now. Traders, this guy will shoot as soon as the SBC drops. Atleast 1k. Mainly because the other option Is Lloris and you might already lose chem on centre backs and left wings. He may be non negotiable.

  18. Watford – too many gold non rares. No scare of silvers though.

  19. Westham – Meh. Easy peasy other than right wing back and left wing.

  20. Wolves – might need 2-3 silvers or bronzes. Prepare in advance.

Just thought it would help someone like me. Could save you guys a couple of hours in preparation. I didn't go as deep into positions since I didn't find a huge problem in getting 95 chem most of the times. Anyway, let me know your thoughts guys.

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