Prime Lampard review (over 200 games)

FIFA19 3 - Prime Lampard review (over 200 games)

I had a tradeable Prime Lampard when his SBC came out and did him despite being unsure about him at the time.

He's had his ups and downs but he's my favourite players and I'm really glad I chose to make him untradable.

This is what my team looks like IG:

Lampards stats: 224 games, 117 goals, 57 assists

Pace: 74 (8/10) Not amazing but he's more than fast enough. I don't find him running clean though on goal often so it's not an issue. More than enough in midfield

Dribbling: 84 (5/10) He has amazing ball control and will always get the ball out of his feet quickly, but his dribbling is awful. Feels far too clunky on the ball with his low agility and balance. This is definitely his major weakness and I try avoid running with the ball with him as much as possible.

Shooting: 90 (10/10) A goal every other game from midfield is a great return imo. If you hit a green finesse it either gets blocked or goes in. If it's yellow or even red he's still more accurate than any one else and it will fly in more often than not. I also take all freekicks further than 27 yards out with him and he will always force a save (or score). Any closer and his weird run up means I either hit the wall or sky it (might just be my poor aim???)

Defending: 73 (7/10) Very good box to box midfielder and will often win the ball high up the pitch. I also defend by bringing my mdifelders back to tackle so he does quite well in helping me defend. Definitely couldn't replace him with a traditional CAM here. That being said he could still be a bit better, fast skillful players almost always evade his tackles.


Passing: 88 (9/10) Maybe I'm being harsh by not giving him a 10 here as he still gets a very high pass completion % every game. He will never misplace an easy pass ever so I can't complain but the risky passes don't come off as often as you'd expect from someone with 98 short passing.

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Physical: 81 (7/10 With basic chem he has 84 strength but I wouldn't say he feels that strong. Gerrard for comparison has 87 strength but you really feel that 3 difference. Still strong enough I guess, it's not like Lampard was the strongest player. His 92 stamina is crucial for him to get up and down all game but he still gets tired the fastest in the team. I used to give him the instruction to join the attack but I'm pretty sure I was violating some human rights law by asking him to run so much so now he is on balanced. I'll let his high attacking work rate decide whether he wants to join the attack or not.

So in conclusion…

If you use him in a similar role he played for Chelsea when Mourinho was first there he will be world class. I've had him in different teams and different roles and this is definitely his best position. When I played him at CAM he was far too clunky and in CDM he wasn't good enough in defence.

If you have the money I'd say there is no one better in his price range at CM but there are definitely alternatives at CAM and CDM.

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