Prime Rivaldo 92 – Player Review

FIFA19 4 - Prime Rivaldo 92 - Player Review


I needed a new icon striker whose card position is LW/LM and it had to be less than 1 million coins. There were some options like Stoikov, Nedved and Rivaldo. I decided for the latter because his stats actually look insane. The only problem seemed to be the weak foot (2*). I didn't want to let this hinder me to use him, that's why I gave him a try.

I'm running him at right striker in a 41212(2):
l9k2nnV - Prime Rivaldo 92 - Player Review (after switching player positions ingame).

Overall & Feeling

I was really looking for a player whose stats and body type are similar to CR7 (who is probably the most OP card of the game). I think Rivaldo is really really close. The only major difference is heading stats (heading & jumping) and of course the weak foot (2* vs. 4*). They're even almost the same size.

It's easy to see that Rivaldo would be one of the meta icons and would easily be 2m+ coins if he had 3 or 4 star weakfoot. That's literally the only reason why most people don't use him.

Rivaldo has so much flair. He's big, strong, has amazing passing, dribbling and shooting. He feels as good as his stats assume. Let's look at them in detail.


Amazing pace. He's used next to Future Stars Cutrone who is also almost as fast as Rivaldo and 87 pace is great for a striker.


Rivaldo has some incredible shooting. Apart from finishing (89) and penalties (88) all stats are 90+ and it really feels like this. Now of course he only has 2* weak foot which is probably his biggest weakness. But the ball will always land in the back of the net if you use his strong foot.

Speaking of his weak foot: I didn't really notice it. I miss shots with players who have 4* weak foot and I miss shots with 2* weak foot. But most of the time shots on the strong foot of players aren't going in, even though they were perfectly placed (Hi EA!). I am very sure that there are situations where you'll notice it and I also think that there's a major difference between having 5* weak foot or less than that. But it wasn't like he couldn't hit the ball with his right foot. In fact he even made some solid goals with his weak foot.


I also think that I don't notice it that much because I'm using him at right striker and there he'll use his left foot anyway.


His passing is out of this world for a striker. Just check the stats. 84+ in every single stat. 89 short passing, 88 vision, 89 crossing. More than enough for his position.


Super smooth dribbling. Again. Only one stat below 90 (77 Balance) all other stats are maxed out.


Not import for a striker. Since heading is in this category, I'll only focus on this aspect: He did manage to score one header for me in the past 10 games while only having 77 heading accuracy. I think it also has to do with his size (186cm/6,1) – he'll score a header here and there but he's not a heading machine.


75 Jumping isn't that much and reduces his ability to score headers. But he has 85 stamina so he'll never run out of it and also 81 strength which is very noticeable. He has relatively low aggression but that's not important for my strikers.

Chem Styles

I'm using him with a hawk for some extra pace, finishing and strength. His passing is already good enough for a striker. Another one you could try out is Sniper or Marksman. Both give shooting and dribbling boosts if you want to improve his balance a bit.


Think outside the box. Try out players and see what fits you and your team. I didn't believe the common opinion about 2* weak foot on this player and gave him a try. He's nuts for me. Can't believe I got such a good player for so cheap.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know your opinions about him in the comments!

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