Psa- How to take the ball from a shielding opponent, goalkeeper cross intercept and a few other tricks

FIFA19 5 - Psa- How to take the ball from a shielding opponent, goalkeeper cross intercept and a few other tricks

Hey guys,

I haven’t seen a lot of people utilizing this tricks ,so i hope this will help you improve your gameplay.

1. Take the ball from a shielding opponent

L2/LT + left stick towards shielding player

  • When you are behind a player and he is shielding tha ball, don’t press tackle. This will result in a foul. Instead press/spam L2/LT + the direction your opponent is and your player will try to take the ball. I have seen 3 animations so far,which reslulted in me taking the ball.

Your player basically does a reverse shielding and goes in front of the opponent to take the ball.

Your player sticks a leg behind the opponent ,which results in a dispossession and and a clunky animation from the opposing player.

Your player starts holding the opponent’s shirt,which results in him falling to the ground and you get the ball (strangely,no foul given in the few times i’ve seen this)

2. Defending a sweaty cross/pass with the goalkeeper

Tap Triangle/Y + press and hold Triangle/Y

  • A lot of times you will find yourself burned by the opposing winger (either on the wing or close to the edge of the box) You are running back with your cb ,but you can’t catch up. You anticipate the sweaty pass/cross coming to his player on the other side and there is nothing you can do to stop it, unless…

Press Triangle/Y + press and hold Tiangle/Y

Your keeper will go out, towards the penalty spot and will try to intercept the cross/pass.

Obviously this is a high risk/reward move as your net will be exposed and requiers a good timing ,but it has saved me many times.

3. Downward Headers L1/LB + R1/RB + shot button


Open headers are very much alive this game (contested not so much, bit imo it is better this way) – Headers require good timing and appropriate power. When you are in the box, next to the net press L1/LB + R1/RB + shot button for a downward header. Half to a 1.5 bars of power is required depending on the distance. You should execute the command just before your player makes a contact with the ball. You can score headers on the edge of the box,which require a green time finish and 2-3 bars of power,but are very hard to execute. Obviously if you manage to green time every header, your chances of going in are higher. Same goes for normal headers.

4. Disguised first touch

R1/RB press and hold + Left stick towards ball

  • When recieving tha ball and there is an opponent next to you ready to tackle, execute this and there is a chance you can fool them

5. Win contested air balls (Jostle -L2/LT)

-When there is a ball in the air and you are contesting with the opposing player you have a better chance of winning it by spamming L2/LT

6. Ball roll into fake shot

  • Fake shot+ direction gives a slight acceleration to your player. Execute it srtaight after a ball roll ( it takes some practice to get used to) and you can get easily past defenders.

7. Double tap R2/RT

  • Double tapping R2/RT while running with the ball gives it a push forward. It is a bigger distance than just holding sprint and a bit lesser distance than pushing the ball by flicking the right analog. It is easier to control direction.

Have fun and see you on the pitch!

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