PSA: The boosts to special cards all follow the same formula

FIFA19 2 - PSA: The boosts to special cards all follow the same formula

Posting this as a response to u/TheFakeNepenthez new video where he rightly criticizes the Scream boosts, because it seems like a lot of people aren't aware of how the boosts work exactly.

As most already know, the Scream cards have received 99's in two of their base stats with their final upgrade, yet the in-game stats in those two attribute categories can be way lower than the base stat implies. The most egregious example of this is probably Fellaini's 60 agility and 67 balance despite his 99 dribbling.

However, these boosts, and the boosts of every single Flashback/IF/MOTM/Hero/you name it card have all followed the same formula, and this is how it works:

When a card receives a boost to a base stat, for example dribbling, the in-game stats that fall under the dribbling base stat receive an increase that is equal to the base stat increase percentage-wise.

I'll show you an example using nice round numbers. Our player has 40 dribbling on his card, with the following in-game stats:

  • 10 AGILITY
  • 20 BALANCE

If he receives a special card where his dribbling has been boosted to 60 (a 50% increase from his initial 40) all six of the attributes will receive the same 50% boost, but this means that the actual boosts become vastly different in terms of points depending on how high the attribute was to begin with.

  • 15 AGILITY (+5)
  • 30 BALANCE (+10)
  • 45 REACTIONS (+15)
  • 75 BALL CONTROL (+25)
  • 90 DRIBBLING (+30)
  • 60 COMPOSURE (+20)

So we see that the boosts can vary from a measly 5 points in agility, while they can be a whopping +30 in dribbling, because that attribute was so good to begin with, relative to the others.


This is the reason players with atrocious agility and balance compared to the rest of their dribbling stats stay that way. It's why Salah's special cards last year had hopeless composure. It's why Forsberg's Scream card had hopeless defensive attributes despite his defending being boosted to 90+.

It also explains Messi having a max of 93 agility regardless of how good his dribbling base stat gets. His agility on his NIF is 91, while the other attributes that fall under his dribbling base stat of 96 all come in between 95 and 97. When his dribbling inevitably gets pushed to 99, the increase from 96 to 99 is so small percentage-wise that his agility will only ever receive a maximum of +2, which leads to the hilarious fact that TOTY Ramos has better agility than any Messi card will ever have.

Needless to say, this is an incredibly lazy solution to boosts by EA, and it completely removes the possibility of fun special cards with specialized attributes based on actual performance. Say a player with relatively poor long shots and shot power compared to the rest of his shooting stats (like Götze or Corona) scores two absolute bangers in a game and gets a TOTW card. EA can't make his long shots and shot power even close to 90 for that particular card without skyrocketing every other shooting stat to 99. Just look at how awful Flashback Götze's long shots and shot power still are as an example, after a monstrous +11 boost compared to his NIF.

Hope this was new information for some of you. Discuss EA's incompetence below.

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