PSA:Complete most objectives in 7 offline friendly games: Kean, Best, DelP+Maldini stories, kits, bronze+silver (~10k points)

FIFA19 3 - PSA:Complete most objectives in 7 offline friendly games: Kean, Best, DelP+Maldini stories, kits, bronze+silver (~10k points)

3 easy steps to gain roughly ~10k points :

Squads here

Who you need:

  • Maldini loan
  • 3 Northern Ireland players. 1 needs decent passing. I used Norwood.
  • 3 Ireland players. 1 Needs decent shooting.- I used IF Graham Burke
  • 4 Italian players – 2 from Juventus (Piedmont) and 2 from AC Milan. Doesn't matter which
  • any 1 Celtic player. Cheapest
  • any 1 French attacker (you need 2 goals to complete the Bronze challenge)
  • any 3 Man United players. Cheapest possible
  • any 2 MLS players. cheapest possible.

Game mode:

  • All Beginner, offline friendles. Go to Friendly > Couch game > when you're on the game mode selector hit L2 and change difficulty to "Beginner".
  • Use your second controller to play a 1v1 against yourself.
  • You won't lose any loan contracts this way.

Step 1: (games 1 + 2)

Starting lineup: with 4 italians (must have two AC milan players), 3 northern ireland, 3 ireland and maldini.

PSA: Maldini (or DelP for the other objectives) doesn't need to do anything. You can score the header + finesses with anyone while you have the icons in the team. The only thing you must do is assist 2 goals with DelP.

Walk past the dumb defenders with Belotti (or italian attacker of choice) and throw L1+crosses to our irish attacker wil heads one in. Then cross another 2 crosses. When done, walk past the defense with the italian and score 4 finesses. throw in a few assist goals (not selfish run-through goals). Now put down the controller and go do something else. Score with with the Irish player, and assist 3 with North Ireland player. Play another game the same way, and finish any of the above you missed.


Play or earn points until you unlock DelP.

Step 2: (games 3 + 4)

Starting lineup: keep the same lineup as above, but replace Maldini with DelP (make sure you have 2 italian Juventus players). Move him to CAM or Striker. Walk through the defense a few times with DelP and score finesses shots, and make sure you assist with DelP in two separate games.

Step 3: (Games 5, 6, 7)

Starting lineup: replace all 5 italians with 1 celtic player and 2 MLS players.

Tip: If you haven't already, make sure you finish the Bronze weekly objective by scoring 2 goals (in a friendly) with a french player). That way the next three games unlock silver for you.

Win one more game, to complete the "5 games w/ 3 Irish players" objective. Then replace them with 3 Man United players. Score 5 goals (with any players) in the next two games.

That's it. Easy peasy. 1/4 of the way to 89 Fred (or Belotti if you prefer)

Here are all the tasks required, in case you want to keep track:

  • Win 7 w 3 NI players
  • Play 3 w Celtic player
  • Play 3 w 2MLS
  • Win 2 w Irish plus NI
  • Win 5 games w 3 Irish
  • Win 3 w 5italians
  • Assist 3 w NI
  • Score 2 w irish
  • Score 4 finesse w Italians
  • Assist 3 w crosses w Italians
  • Score header (w Mald plus 2Milan in the team)
  • Assist in 2 games (w Mald 4 serieA in the team)
  • Win 2 w Mald + 4italians
  • Win 2 w DelP + 4italians
  • Assist 2 w DelP + 4SerieA
  • Score 2 finesse w DelP +2Juventus
  • 5 goals min 3MU
  • Silver: Win 3 games, score 3 goals, assist 3 goals

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