Psychological Manipulation and FIFA

FIFA19 3 - Psychological Manipulation and FIFA

The amount of psychological manipulation in FUT is astounding – from the daily objectives (minor non-rewards meant to get you logging on daily) to the expensive SBCs (rewards that are not worth it but exclusive, luring you into cleaning out your club) to the colorful pack animations (players are conditioned to look for the walkout, and the dopamine hit of the great pull is accentuated by the graphical presentation). In fact the entire "rewards" system exists to make players addicted to opening packs in the hopes that they'll spend fifa points – which is why the rewards are necessarily mediocre, because a satisfied player won't spend money. Anyways, most of you know all this but don't seem to particularly care, but I'd like to dwell on satisfaction.

FUT as a gamemod is designed from the bottom up to leave a player dissatisfied. It is meant to make you feel like shit. That is the entire point. And this begins and ends not with the pack system but with the GAMEPLAY. What seem to be flaws in the gameplay actually reflect a design philosophy – which is to ensure that the player is not in control of the outcome. Broken mechanics, RNG, and deliberately misleading or unclear gameplay mechanics are all used to make it so that when you lose you feel like you deserved to win, and when you win you don't feel like you deserved to win. It is all meant to leave you dissatisfied, angry. Why? To ensure that you will want to upgrade your team. At no point in your FUT experience does EA want you to stop and think, "you know what I'm happy with this team I'm gonna stick with it for a while because it's fun and successful." They need you mad. FIFA produces so much rage because it is so enraging – not because all these players, who would never react the same way in say Fortnite or COD, are just over-emotional id*ots. This is all intentional.


Don't believe me? There was a smoking gun. They gave away the plot when they reintroduced unskippable goal replays. The ONLY possible explanation for this is to make competitive gameplay more toxic. To make you stressed and angry when you play this game. Because they profit off of your misery. And what's remarkable to me is the degree to which the customers that EA abuses will defend their actions and their product.

You see it even now. "I know this is an unpopular opinion guys, but FIFA isn't actually that bad!" (500 upvotes, """""unpopular opinions""""" always receiving numerous upvotes). This is a company that profits off of psychologically abusing its own customers and getting young children addicted to gambling. EA is not merely incompetent, but actually evil. That they would even dare to consider moralizing with something like Battlefield V is hilarious to me, and that anyone would actually take them seriously is sad.

I assume this post will be deleted because I can't imagine that this sub isn't controlled by EA, but we'll see. Anyways, anyone else notice any examples of psychological manipulation in FIFA? It's everywhere.


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