Putting it all together – Dynamic Tactics – Elite players guide

FIFA19 8 - Putting it all together - Dynamic Tactics - Elite players guide

Hi all,

Throughout the year I have been periodically posting guides to all the formations that I have used to decent success around the Elite rank level (24-27 wins WL). My formation guides came to an end last week, with the final formation I use, the 41212(2). This completes the 4 formations that I have on my own, personal, dynamic tactics.

I have received quite a few personal messages, (as well as comments in the threads), asking when and how I use these formations. I am creating this guide to hopefully help people better understand:

  • How I choose which formation to use

  • When do I switch formations in game

  • How do I shut-up-shop

  • How do I chase a come-back

See the link below for a compilation of the formation guides that I have made:

Individually, the four formations I use are:

(Ultra Defensive) 442(2):

(Defensive) 4222:

(Attacking) 41212(2):

(Ultra Attacking) 352:

Disregard the preset they are assigned to. Ultra Defensive, defensive, attacking and ultra-attacking are just slots that allows me to put a formation and tactics in to. I'd prefer if they were named formation 1-4, but eh, doesn't really matter much. Just know that what they are assigned to isn't how I use the formation. IE: 4222 isn't my Defensive Formation, it just sits in that spot.

This is how I put it all together in game.


Plan A (Standard game):

Immediately after kick-off, I switch to my baby, The 4222. This is the formation I have used for the past few years. The formation I feel most comfortable in, and generally, the formation that I personally feel has the least counter-formations. Obviously you could argue the 4231 could take this role, but I refrain from using this formation. I can most definitely see the positives of using it – it's obviously a very strong and balanced formation – but I play against it in 90% of my games; I could think of nothing worse than a 4231 mirror match snooze-fest.

Saying all this, if I am struggling to create much and the 4222 just isn't working for me, or if I come across a variant of the 433 formation (I always struggle vs. good players playing 433x with 4222), I will switch over to. . .

Plan B (When plan A is failing):

It's 41212(2) time! Immediately I will select attacking full backs on the D-Pad to engage our full-backs into our attack. Full backs will provide us with the width that 41212(2) lacks, and often catches our opponents by surprise. Obviously this comes at a risk of being counter attacked, but I feel it's a risk worth taking by the amount of pressure it applies. I am an aggressive player by nature, and choose to pay homage to Alex Ferguson's legendary you score 4, we will score 5 mentality. I attack and defend aggressively always. See below for my personal defending guide on how I do this:

I absolutely despise my opponent having the ball, and my aim is to retrieve it as quickly as possible and relaunch my attacking onslaught. This formation is perfect for that and presents my opponents with different threats as the 4222 does; as it plays much differently in game. 41212(2) is about quick and precise passing through the middle whereas 4222 utilises wide CAM's stretching your opponents defence. To be cheeky, to keep my opponents on their toes, occasionally I will flick between the two formations in Plan A and B.

Plan C (Oh no! They are playing 3 ATB!):


This is when I rip out the 442(2). Good players with top end teams can be troublesome when they are playing a 3 at the back variant. They seem to have an overload of attacking players; and we can struggle to defend against all their attacking options with our main game-plans. However, my version of the 442(2) alleviates the pressure they apply by using a defensive LM and RM assisting in the effort to shut down their wide players. My 442(2) setup also does not severely limit my attacking options, either. It's perfectly fine going forward. I have definitely had the most success vs. 3 ATB with 442(2).

Plan D (This ass-hole is on Drop back, 1 depth….):

Time for the *352.* Every now and then you will come up against these people. You know, the park the bus, drop back, 1 depth, fast build-up players. They have very little attacking ambition; save for counter-attacks. It can be a nightmare trying to break these players down as they have their entire team camped in and around the box aside from a couple of rapid players sitting like gimps waiting to counter attack you. 352 does well against these players, because as mentioned earlier in this guide, there is a plethora of attacking options available to us.

These players typically allow the AI to do everything from a defensive standpoint and just run around with a CDM all game. It sucks to play against this, but sadly, it can be effective. Against these players with their setup you're going to hear a lot of: "Oh a defender has got in the way!", or "Blocked shot there!" . . . so we utilise our LM and RM to create space through the middle by forcing our opponents defenders out wide. They have two options: Run out with their CDM to defend our LM/RM, or switch to a full back to close our wide player down. Both are a win for us.


You won't catch me ever playing a low depth park the bus style. I find drastically trying to alter the way you play in game to try and close out the game and see out a lead just causes more problems than it's supposed to cure. It invites pressure and the inevitable rebound or deflection goal is only a few kicks away. .

Instead, what I do, is just switch to my more defensive formation – the 442(2). When our opponent is chasing a lead, they will often switch to constant pressure, and sometimes will even change formation to one of the more attacking formations such as a 3 ATB variant. My 442(2) is designed to shut down wide players, but what it also does, is provide an outlet when trying to break out from the back to alleviate your opponents pressure. Often all it takes is a simple 1-2 over the top with a full back and LM/RM to get out of your own half and try to calm the game down.


Ok, you find yourself a few goals down and need to do something about it. What do you do?

Firstly, I do not have a constant pressure formation. I see no need. The D-Pad instruction of Team Press does more or less the same thing, without taking up a valuable dynamic tactics spot with a true ultra attacking constant pressure setup.

The formation I choose to use is my 352. The reason I choose this formation, is that often, your opponent themselves will be shutting up shop and parking the bus vs. you. Your opponents lose any attacking impetus, rather trying to see the game out and lock up their win. This allows us to go all-out with the 352. Engaging Team Press just ensures that if our opponent decides to pass around the back to see out the game, we are able to do our best to prevent it. Team Press isn't perfect in denying our opponents the ability to pass around their back four, but it's the best we can do. We're going to have to be actively switching players with right analog stick to try to limit their passing options as they try to see out the game.


I have always tried to not include my team in my guides as it detracts from the content. My guide will inevitably have some people jumping on the pay-to win brigade, and suggesting my guide only works because of my team. This is very untrue. Prior to TOTS Elite player TOTS pack rewards, my team was vastly inferior to this, yet, functioned exactly the same. Nothing has changed in the way I play the game, or the strategy and tactics I employ. This guide isn't exclusive to mega-teams, and lesser teams will do absolutely fine.

Saying that, this is the team that I use in game. My team fits in all of the formations that I use as well as one could hope. For demonstration purposes, I will use the 41212(2) setup:

    • – – – – Prime R9 – – – TOTS Havertz
    • – – – – – – — – – – PIM Cruyff
    • – – Prime Gullit – – – – – – – TOTS Aouar
    • – – – – – – – – – – Prime Vieira

FB Sandro – – POTY Van Dijk – – PIM Maldini – – TOTS Kimmich

  • – – – – – – – – – – – TOTY De Gea


Hopefully this guide helps better piece together the mindset that I use in game, and how I best utilise my formations. I do not always switch. Often I will stick it on 4222 and just play the entire game that way; especially if I am comfortable and see no need. However, when drastic measures need to be taken, that's when I change things up by utilising my dynamic tactics.

This will be my last guide for FIFA 19. I am unsure, as of yet, if I will be purchasing 20'. I truly do not enjoy all this El Tornado cross, La Croqueta spam and general abuse of stupid broken mechanics. I choose not play this way at all. Whilst being competitive myself, I still play this game for fun. Maybe if I did abuse mechanics I could post a 30-0 or regular T100 finishes? Who knows? But fuck that. No thanks. I'd rather uninstall than succumb to that garbage style. If I do not buy 20', this will be my last guide ever. I hope the information throughout the years has been of help to the community and assisted in making the game as fun as it can be.


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