Quest for Osimhen: A Father and Son Story

FIFA19 6 - Quest for Osimhen: A Father and Son Story

WARNING: The following historical fiction short story contains positive tales of people who enjoy playing FIFA 20. If you are looking for a place to gripe about an imperfect video game in a sea of imperfect video games, it may not be satisfying. If you want a tale of how FIFA brings families closer — keep reading.

Tuesday, Sunday, Thursday — after everyone else in the family is in bed or left to their own devices/entertainment. Those are the regular FIFA (XBOX) times for Stanley, a nearing 40 year old video game enthusiast (or addict if you believe his wife). It had been a typical weekend for his family; busy. Saturday — travel basketball and entertaining in-laws, Sunday early morning gymnastics tournament; and spending time with family and family friends. Social lives are wonderful, but they can also be mentally draining — along with work and typical responsibilities. Stanley needed those couple hours every few days to "recharge his battery" — and he welcomed the time. It was 11:03 pm, daughter and wife had vacated their common TV area with large screen TV, sofa and ottoman. As he navigated onto the couch, Stanley's teenage son, Mike came down and laid down on the couch. It wasn't often Mike took interest in his father's FIFA habits — but lately they had been opening packs together and Mike was begging his father to play FIFA draft. Sadly for the son, not tonight and perhaps not at any time — coop single player draft rarely "pays off" the way Youtubers act.

Tonight was all about Future Stars Osimhen — the "free" 88 rated Future Stars card that the final piece for Stanley to grind through during the season. In the interest of maximizing the division rivals time. Stanley had already created a Ligue 1 "B" squad with 85 Osimhen to save on squad fitness cards; Mike scrolled through the squad menued and examined his club. NIF Depay, Osimhen, POTM Jeff, Flashback Fabregas, Storyline Aouar, Red CM Camara and a backline of SS Sanchez, SS Gueye, POTM Silve and Icon Swap Zambrotta made up team "A". IF Payet, Prince Osi, NIF Thauvin, HL Sanson, IF Depay, IF Yazici (dragged from the bench to fill in plaers) and refresh Bernat, IF Pablo, SS Gueye, and LB Carlos at 7-chem made up team "B". With 105 games IF "Tall Walt" Benitez was GK for both clubs — a card who has stuck with Stanley since he was packed.

"That's a pretty good squad" — Mike mustered; imitating the Twitch/Youtube "content creators". Your typical creator dies for audiences of thousands and ten-thousands — Stanley was content with his audience of one.

Two more braces and three overall victories with goals by Osimhen were all that were needed (in addition to goals for "Diamonds in the Rough" NIF Depay and Thauvin). Stanley wondered if it would take 5 games, 10 games, and if it could be done in one more night. The first Division Rivals match in Division 7 fired up — Stanley felt he belonged in Div 6, however; doing this challenge sacrificed his skill rating. Not that it mattered to him much — he was happy adding a fake shot skill move, with button modifiers… your average FIFA player already knew how to do it. The loading screen awaited them and their first opposing squad popped up — a NIF La Liga squad with Griezmann, Hazard and Messi up top; "FIFA's like a box of chocholates, you never know who you're going to get." 20 minutes in, Stanley found himself down 3-0; this guy knew how to use his players and although Payet clawed back a goal to make it 3-1 at the half, his opponent drove a stake in Stanley's heart with a goal out of halftime to stretch it to 4-1. Mike spoke about "EA RNG" causing all of his father's chances to miss, but Stanley knew he wasn't a great creator and he would've been more lucky if those went in than good skill. With the final score at 6-2 and no objectives completed… "It's gonna be a long night".

Game two began — a pretty meta Premier League squad with the interesting IF Gabriel Jesus (84) at striker. As they battled for the first goal, Stanley felt relieved that he wasn't overmatched this time, and soon enough storyline Aouar banged a chance home. Now we are getting somewhere — he didn't always have to force it into Osimhen! A second goal from NIF Depay also raised their spirits, and their voices a bit. When people asked him which soccer team he rooted for, in his heart he knew the answer was "My FIFA Team" — even though he always said "Messi's Barcelona". It was at the 70th minute when Mike chimed in — "this win means nothing if Osi doesn't score". Stanley began to push extra passes Osi's way and soon enough, Osi cracked one in… 3-0! 2 more braces left! His son reminded him, "Remember — you always said I could play once you go up 3 goals!".


Third game brought a challenging Bundes squad into their livingroom. Was it shape shifters Alaba with every Bundes flashback defender, Hummels, and Neuer — plus IF Ruess and one of the "red devil" Werner's? He knew this man (or kid… you never know) wasn't going to let him get closer to Osi without a fight!

The quiet tension and tie was brought to finish with a beautiful creation by by club Ligue 1. Osimhen received a pass in the box and cut to the right edge of the goal. Instead of the shot — he lobbed a pass perfectly to IF Yazici who volleyed it wonderfully home. "I'm glad I took that guy off the bench!" Mike and Stanley pumped fists and quietly celebrated. But the whistle was yet to blow.

The Bundes squad kept having chance after chance, rushing forward — SS Gueye was able to hold them off with some huge saves by "Big Walt" Benetiz; IF Pablo and Icon Swap Carlos also were strong on defense. Around the 39th minute, Osimhen struck with beauty again. After a perfect 1-2 play with Depay broke him in on Neuer, he took one touch to the right and finessed it on the ground past a stunned Neuer who didn't even make a play on the ball! He lept off the ottoman and ran around like a fool…. celebrating as if he himself did such a beautiful action.

In the 65' — they were luck struck once again. Osimhen was able to do what could only be described as a "power nutmeg" by receiving the ball at the edge of the box and ball rolling through the defending Alaba (or Hummels or whomever) who was in a perfect position. In on goal he curved another one by Neuer! Mike took the controller (3-0) and proceeded to make the opponent watch the replay and celebration (Stanley's an RB+LB type of celebrator, but he let Mike have this moment). Opponent did not rage quite — not a great sign. As Mike took the game up after kickoff, Stanley paced around anxiously wondering when Mr. Bundes would score — Mike doesn't play FIFA…. 70' came and went… a couple of attacks were denied. Finally IF Reuss was able to get on the board and make it 3-1 in minute 75.

Controller back in his hands, Stanley worked the ball east/west sideways in his portion of the field… trying to bleed off time. 80'…. Reuss or Werner ripped a ball off the crossbar…. (upon match completion it was tipped by Tall Walt)…85'…. in an attack in the 87' POTM Jeff was tackled after a shot by Alaba, earning Alaba red (BS but he took it!).

NIF Thauvin stepped up to the ball — Mike once again took the controls; it would be nice if he scored, but Stanley wasn't expecting much. Mike nailed the PK on a greened time shot past Neuer (who had gone the correct side, perhaps half a milisec too late)!

Once against they filled the air with a silent, joyous celebration! ONE MORE GAME LEFT TILL 88 OSIMHEN!

Conveniently, Game 4 was a hat-trick by Osimhen against a player who rage quitted in the 65th minute, after another Mike successful PK. There was little drama and challenge in that game…. father and son hugged and did some more happy dances… although the first game with 88 Osi was a loss (vs. another Ligue 1 side, who didn't have him) Stanley and Mike went up to bed happy at getting some joy, peace and rest from the silly FIFA game.

Stanley's impression of the cards were as follows: Osimhen and Depay did tons of heavy lifting for this challenge — but it was the 82 IF Yazici (purchased in one of the first month IFs) who really shined through as a B2B midfielder with strong defense, and 81 Kamara who did well. SS Gueye was the defensive MVP — it was such a cheap card to purchase — as well as "Tall Walt". FB Fabregas could be described as underwhelming for an 88 rated card… perhaps B2B isn't the best for him.

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