Quick EPL TOTS players reviews

FIFA19 4 - Quick EPL TOTS players reviews

Hey guys! After a long grind I finished my full EPL tots team and wanted to share some quick player reviews with you after 10 games

TOTS Alisson: got him in my Rivals untradeable pack and replaced NIF DDG. Alisson isn't bad, but isn't better than NIF DDG and seems to concede almost the same goals. Tbh I'll only use him cuz he is free. 7/10

TOTS Alexander-Arnold: I've never used FB Alves so I can't compare them, but he feels from another planet when compared to TIF Lala (my last rb). Really bosses the righ side of the pitch like Gandalf shouting "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" to opponent wingers, plus very good attacking with that sexy 99 crossing. 10/10

FB Luiz: You know him. 10/10

TOTS Laporte: Surprisingly good, plays on par with 93 Van Dijk (TOTS VVD is a level above), feels a little clunky sometimes due to his agility and balance but his passing and defending capabilities compensate. Sometimes he might jump in front of the ball to save a certain goal. 8/10

TOTS Digne: I can't believe this card was free. Obviousely there's a lot of better LB's in the market, but this card is crazy good value for time (and stress…. ohh the stress). Great defending , nice height and pace. He is always staying back because of his stamina and does the job. I can't see myself buying another LB. 8/10

TOTS Fernandinho (RCDM): A God defending, great while attacking. His ball control and distribuition are great and counter attacking feels way easier than with Pogba, but I wouldn'n recomend him as a box to box cm as he lacks shooting (his 87 long shots doesn't feel so high in game). Stamina won't be a problem and he'll always be that annoying player pressing you opponent's cm. 8.5/10 due to his lack of shooting skills

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TOTS Bernando Silva (CAM): Got him in my SBC pack. tbh I wasn't expecting this card to be as good as he is. Always in the right spot for a tap-in or in position for a screamer. This card is the best cam I have used this year (haven't used TOTY KDB or 95 Cruyff so can't compare them). His 3* WF isn't noticeable in game as he tends to use his left foot for shooting/passing. Great distribuition, great pace, nice dribbling and 99 finishing. I don't know what else you can expect from a CAM. 10/10

TOTS Sterling (RCAM): this one is tricky. Like real Sterling, sometimes he is a genious, sometimes he plays like Ali Dia (hope you guys know him). His shots feels a little inconsistent to me, but I think I still need to adapt to this card. His 3* weak foot is noticeable, so try to always use his right foot and you should be fine. Great runs, surprinsingly a nice aerial threat with some chem style boost. Not worth his price tag IMO 7.5/10

FB Firmino (ST): The fact that he is half the price of the cheapest TOTS ST is crazy. Go get this beautiful man and have fun. Way better than NIF Cristiano Ronaldo. 10/10

TOTS Mané (LCAM): My first useful pick this year and he is crazy good. I'm honestly amazed with this card's consistency. Always seems to score when the chance appears, great runs, great physical, very fast and can easily outjump defenders. 10/10

TOTS Rice (SUB): Not my kind of player. Feels slow and clunky… Will be used as SBC fodder. 5/10

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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