Quick Review of Flashback SBC Dani Alves (at right back) after 14 games

FIFA19 9 - Quick Review of Flashback SBC Dani Alves (at right back) after 14 games

Preface 1: Sure 14 games is short, but it's all I've got until the weekend and we don't have that many days left to do this SBC. Also bear in mind an icon SBC might drop to drive up prices before the Flashback expires. In terms of my ability I'm only a Gold 1 player (19-21 if I finish my games) though I normally stop at Gold 3 after roughly 20 games.

Pace (10/10): Genuinely rapid w/ Anchor. I have Auba untradeable and did his POTM, tried different chem styles and his 99 pace doesn't feel like it. Alves on the other hand, was Icon SBC Set 3 quick. Think you've got a chance to profit? Boom he's right there to remove it.

Dribbling (10/10): Like Harry Kane when he speaks, Alves is a fantastic dribbler. This is extremely handy when facing high/constant pressure and the ability to turn and lay-off as well as speed past an onrushing pressurer is magic. I was using OTW Vrsalko and 2IF Lala and the combo of pace and ball control is magic. TOTY-esque.

Passing (9/10): Again, it's high but also due to it's use in combination with his high pace and dribbling. His ability to La Croqueta his way in, then twist out and free space near the byline opened up so many opportunities. If not direct assists then enough to create as havoc due to FIFA sometimes being a ping-pong simulator. It's down the luck after that.

Shooting (6/10): I didn't score any goals but his longshots tested the keeper. Perhaps 7/10 by fullback standards.

Defending/Physical (8/10): Again he's to VVD and he does have H/L workrates. But with stay back while attacking and the all-important conservative interceptions, he's not as far forward as I expected. And if he gets caught out, he is rapid enough to catch the wingers I've faced in D4. Also let's face the it, if you're a try hard wanna be T100 (but chances are you're not because there can only be 100 in each region), then stick to your Kyle Walkers. But if you're like me, average or so and FIFA is just for fun, then it becomes a no brainer. His workrates will get you caught out once in awhile, even with instructions and CT set to low players in the box, but he's fun and FIFA isn't my living so I'm cool with a goal conceded every 3-4 games.

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TLDR: If you have SBC Juanfran or Red 2IF Lala, stay away. If you're a T100 wannabe, stick to Kyle Walker. If you're tight on coins, keep them. If he doesn't fit your team, why are you even reading this? Everyone else? Definitely!

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