/r/FIFA: Moderator Application Thread JUNE 2019

FIFA19 10 - /r/FIFA: Moderator Application Thread JUNE 2019

As we near the end game of FIFA 19 and prepare for the next wave, we are holding an open call for moderators in order to help bring about a more constructive FIFA community..

This next wave of moderators will be joining the team as we start preparing for updating the subreddit and re-organizing for the army of children players that will be coming into community for a new season of FIFA 20.

Although all moderators will be working on improving the subreddit by removing posts that violate rules, answering questions via mod mail, approving content that gets eaten by the spam filter — special consideration will be given to applicants who are skilled in graphic design or CSS, or both. One big goal for the upcoming year is to make ongoing and updated changes to the look of FIFA on mobile, true reddit, and that blasphemous update they call new reddit.

Ultimately, becoming a moderator is the best way to help influence the best FIFA community on the internet, make a big impact on how it's run and what kind of improvements can be made on our platform. If you're passionate about making things better and also enjoy looking at your screens in your downtime, you're the kind of mod we're looking for.

If this kind of role interests you, here are the basic requirements:

  1. You must have a reddit account that has been active for at least one year and is email verified.

  2. You must currently be, and have been, active on FIFA for at least 6 months with the kind of post history that shows you care about the community without resorting to bullying or trolling.

  3. You must be available intermittently throughout the day and evening in your time zone, with the ability to access reddit on mobile in addition to Discord which the moderation team uses to communicate with each other.

  4. You must NOT be a current employee of EA, running a YouTube or Streaming channel or any website or business in which you make money related to video games.

The following experience would be a bonus, but is not required:

  1. You have moderator experience on reddit

  2. You currently reside in a timezone outside of North America. At least half of our selected mods will meet this requirement.

  3. You have experience with CSS, especially on reddit. (THIS IS A BIG BONUS.)

  4. You have graphic design experience or connections to those that do. (THIS IS A BIG BONUS.)

So how do you throw your hat in the ring?

We're not doing some secret application campaign, you'll be applying directly via this thread. Introduce yourself to us (and the community), tell us why you want to become a moderator and in what ways you feel you'd make a strong candidate for the most thankless job on reddit.

You can be as creative or straightforward as you want to be. Upvotes and Downvotes by the community will NOT sway the decision we make, so don't feed the trolls.

If you're not applying, but want to show your support in a certain candidate — feel free to comment on their initial post. If you have anything negative to say about them, save it for a mod mail directly to us. There's already enough negativity on our subreddit to go around.

This thread will be stickied intermittently throughout the next few weeks. If you have a direct question about being a moderator, check the sticky below for the questions comment thread.

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