/r/FIFA Posts of the Month – March & April Edition

FIFA19 1 - /r/FIFA Posts of the Month - March & April Edition

What's good people, and welcome back to our ongoing Posts of the Month series, which highlights the cream of the crop in our subreddit from the past month. In case you missed our May Mod Team Update, March & April are coming atcha together but we should be back to normal for the May edition.

Let's see what you guys have been up to over the past couple months…

  • We start with
    Absumone - /r/FIFA Posts of the Month - March & April Edition
    /u/Absumone's Dear EA, some honest questions. An open letter to EA which asked a ton of gameplay questions, Absumone voiced many of our frustrations in a calm and reasonable manner which eventually made it's way to the EA community managers.

  • Moving on,
    Yummycoot - /r/FIFA Posts of the Month - March & April Edition/u/Yummycoot re-shared his patented SBC Spreadsheet. If you are feeling reluctant about buying packs, here are some sbcs that you can do for cheap. Detailing the club, league, cost, value for coin and profit, it's clear from the comments section below just how much it helped the community.

  • Ever wanted to know your opponent's skill rating in Div Rivals? Now you can. by /u/Ejk414 may have slipped under the radar a little, but it's a handy way to work out just how good the person controlling the team of rare golds you just lost to really is.

  • Next, onto /u/Nodieda's Value distribution of Middle Icons for upcoming Middle Icon SBC. Presented in a cool looking graph, Nodieda showed us a distribution of all the Middle Icons out there and their current value in anticipation of the then-leaked Middle Icon SBC.

  • /u/solidus_ocelot provided us with a List of little known FIFA Tips. Starting off as a few tips and tricks to help the community, the community helped back with a few of their own in the comments.

  • /u/E-Phoenix shared a common gripe for first owner lovers -I've always wished there was a subtle hint on the card like this so I could show off my first owner team. Their solution also makes the card look even cooler, and I for one would love to see something like this in FIFA 20.

  • FUT Wishlist: Partnership Chemistry from
    /u/blitz3nn may not be introduced in-game any time soon, but it would be a cool addition and provide even better chances to make those crazy-ass hybrids we love to build.

  • /u/sushwaaa's My Weekend League Recap is Back! was a novel take on the Weekend League summaries you guys enjoy putting together. Rather than a review for one squad, sushwaaa played games with four different squads and put the standout performers together into a Team of the Week.

  • Onto something that I learnt for the very first time (or forgot and re-learned last month anyway), and thanks to /u/SanctusUnum for their PSA: The boosts to special cards all follow the same formula. It explains how upgrades are worked out – and no matter how many upgrades Jadon Sancho gets, he'll always have rubbish composure.

  • And finally, we finish with a bit of fun. After the famously popular UCL kit SBC from last week, /u/harshmangat came through with a stormer of a May FUTSWAPS idea.

Don't forget, if you come across any posts you'd like to recommend for our POTM series, then tag one of the moderators in the comments section of the post so we can add it to our list for the next month. Also, if you have any posts you'd like to shout out then feel free to link them in the comments below.

Until next month, peace!

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