/r/FIFA Posts of the Month – May Edition

FIFA19 9 - /r/FIFA Posts of the Month - May Edition

What's good people, and welcome back to our ongoing Posts of the Month series, which highlights the cream of the crop in our subreddit from the past month.

May was a pretty good month, with lots of quality posts in our sub.

Let's see what made the cut this month.

  • xtonyperkisx - /r/FIFA Posts of the Month - May Edition

    /u/xtonyperkisx kicks things off, with The Future of Fifa: Why Fifa needs a complete overhaul. How integrating Career Mode, My Pro, and other modes into FUT could be a win-win for players and EA. An in-depth look at how different FIFA game modes can be combined to create a better FIFA experience, Tony goes into great detail with his changes and gives detailed explanations for his choices.
  • Up next, /u/Rigged79 gave some great tactical advice, explaining how to beat one of the formations most common at the higher levels. Check out Battling the 4231 – An elite players 442(2) formation guide and up yo' game, playa playa.

  • The (un)Official r/FIFA guide to TOTS is good for those of you new to the game, as well as those who had never experienced a Team of the Season promo before. /u/anacrucix even gave some tips on how to maximise your coins so you can open more packs during the promo for an even better chance of packing absolutely nothing of note one of those Blue Lightning cards.

  • Moving on, /u/DybalaDollaBillsYall came through with a spot of investigative journalism. After seeing what happened to /u/Imaduckquackk's quickselling issue, he recreated the issue for himself and recorded the results. Have a read of Testing the potential ‘missing coins via quick-sell’ issue uncovered yesterday:.

  • Potentially massive news came to us from /u/Josh2807, who reported that IT’S HAPPENING – A U.S. Senator is introducing legislation to ban loot boxes and pay-to-win microtransations in "games played by minors." It'll be interesting to see how this one develops over the coming months…

  • 'Don’t get me wrong I’m trash and 100% should have lost this game. I’m not proud but this was too crazy not to share' was one of the most upvoted posts this month and it's easy to see why. /u/nickoliver86 came through with the comeback of the season – I'm not even going to describe it, just watch the clip and marvel at his grit, determination and testicular fortitude.

  • Posts in which the community get fully involved in are the best kinds of posts, and a great example was seen when /u/jamesyoung2593 shared What I Learnt This Weekend League… Seriously, read through and see just how many of those comments you agree with.

  • As we all know, TOTSWatch last year was an excellent bit of car crash streaming which made the whole experience at least twice as entertaining as it should've been. The same was the case this year, and the whole experience was documented by /u/Redditallbefore123's #TOTSWATCH Megathread.

  • How to Play Well Under the Pressure of FUT Champs – Sports Psych and FUT flew under the radar a little, but gives great advice on how to cope with the migraine stimulant that is the Weekend League. Shoutout to /u/curlybox for that one.

  • Day 0 to Day Whatever This Is: A Journey Through My FUT Squads Throughout FIFA 19 detailed one user's team changes from the beginning of FIFA to the present day. As an aside, I wouldn't normally promote my own posts – however, it was nominated by another mod (hi /u/shane_solo!) and after a little umming and ahhing over whether or not to add it in, I decided fuck it, so here it is.

  • Our penultimate post this month goes to a short and easily digestible questionnaire from /u/nahgoe16 that simply asks: Are you an SBC addict? Let's find out… (I scored an 8.)

And finally…

What is YOUR FIFA May Post of the Month?

Let us know in this strawpoll.

Don't forget, if you come across any posts you'd like to recommend for our POTM series, then tag one of the moderators in the comments section of the post so we can add it to our list for the next month. Also, if you have any posts you'd like to shout out then feel free to link them in the comments below.

Until next month, peace!

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