Randomly Coin wiped, discontinuing my daily FUTMAS players thread

FIFA19 7 - Randomly Coin wiped, discontinuing my daily FUTMAS players thread

Last few days I’ve done a thread with all the possibilities for the FUTMAS players for the next day, unfortunately this morning I woke up to a coin wipe from EA.

Last night I was clearing out my club and selling about 25 silvers for 2/3k, and was happy with my coins I had made. I did accidentally buy a position modifier for 5k when adjusting players in my team, but I just thought oh that’s annoying and didn’t think about it. I also packed IF Jesus last night and went to sleep with about 550k, happy with my profit (had just liquidated everything tradable as well). I’m not sure whether it’s because I sold the silvers or what, but today I got coin wiped and now have nothing but my untradables.


Ive contacted EA but of course they are no help whatsoever, I’ve lost 550k forever. Either way I’ve lost interest in the game and just don’t intend on really playing now at all, ridiculous what EA have done, not just to me but to many people. So I’m not gonna be doing the Possible FUTMAS players thread anymore, just don’t have an interest in the game now and just not fun now since I can’t really do anything anymore. Sorry about this, I know the threads were quite popular as well, also if anyone has any advice on what I can do about this issue any help would be appreciated

Edit: For what it’s worth, I’ve tweeted to EA ( any retweets appreciated

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