Realistic Reviews: SCREAM HULK. A tragic truth about 3*WF players

FIFA19 6 - Realistic Reviews: SCREAM HULK. A tragic truth about 3*WF players

So since most people doing reviews only to mentally ease the fact that they made a mistake and just say everything is good about that player, ill try to make this review more brutally honest.

Hulk. The smasher of goals. Winner of games. The loser of balls. Frustrater of owners.

What can I say, EA made it so that 3* WF, left footed are completely unusable in attack.

My stats with him are:

  • 35 Games (30WL – 5 Rivals)
  • 21 Goals (17 WL – 4 Rivals)
  • 11 Assists
  • Right footed goals: 0

Positions played:

  • ST in a 4231, 41212(2)
  • CAM in a 41212(2), 4231
  • RAM in a 4231

Chem style:

  • Sniper, Deadeye


  • I feel like this deserves its own category as some players just feel incredibly good in build up play and you just feel them. This can be correlated to his poor 83 positioning however sometimes players with 90+ are piss poor in positioning too. The bottom line is, he feels like he doesnt belong in build up of attack. Atleast not as a striker. He feels weird. Maybe his blocky thighs dont allow him to slither between defenders. But its so fucking shite that I consider playing him as a makeshift CM if he so likes dropping back and not making runs even with instructions. He doesnt feel like the type of player who can really poach goals or tap ins. The player whos there at the right moment. This man is not that man.



  • He is fast. But not that fast. The weird thing is he definitely doesnt feel 88 paced and yet he can still outsprint most defenders easily. Ive had no problems with his pace since its adequate for a player like him.

9/10 PACE


  • Left foot cannon. Right foot a BB gun. A cheap, Chinese BB gun where the plastic is all rusty and the gun jams all the time. I felt that his BEST quality was receive the ball, shield it with his back, turn to the left and shoot. Its a goal 9/10 times. But that doesnt always work now does it? The opponent figures it out. It gets old. They make aggressive tackles. While his shooting is solid, its his weak foot that really makes him a one dimensional player inside the box. His low finishing doesnt help either inside the box. You basically really never want to try this player inside the box. Outside the box however you have more space, more room to squigle, and I feel thats why he did better as a RAM or CAM. So a finesse shot from the right angle is killer for him. But again, only for left foot.




  • So this is Nepenthez or whatever and I really wanna try him at CM. Thats how decent his passing is. Really well passing abilities and I feel like at CM position he would thrive because he has more room to pass with his left. Makes clear cut short passes and decent bullet crosses as well. He had 11 assists for me in 35 games along his 21 goals so not too bad number of assists.



  • Shit shit shit shit. Always fucking losing the balllkllllllll do not try to outdribble people with this guy. You can barely even get past a player with a good dribbler but with him? Dont even think about it. All you can do is turn your back around like you did to your son and hold up the play while other around you move forward in life… On the pitch I mean. Even with sniper boost his agility and balance still seemed off and thus kept losing the ball alot inside the 16 yard box.



  • Surprisingly good. This year defending isnt even that relevant considering Sissoko with 79 interceptions become prime Vieira. So hulk, a player with his body figure, strength, pace and aggression you can be sure that he can chase down a few motherfuckers. Another case of why he would thrive in CM.



  • This is a strange one. I think his dribbling lets him down alot. Because he has excellent strength but sometimes loses the ball so easily or gets outmuscled due to his balance. I wouldnt say his physicality is Ibra level. However his stamina is 83 so he can last the full nigh… Ahem, game, I mean. He can last the full game and his high aggression is useful when trying to win the ball back.

8/10 PHYS

Overall he was an excellent RAM, only when cutting in and finessing with his left. An alright but useless CAM. And a shit striker. The thing that lets him down is balance, ball control, positioning, finishing and weak foot. The things that let him up are his aggression, passing, left foot cannon, hold up play and hot women. Next I guess I will try him at CM with guardian what do you think?

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