Reddit Cup update

FIFA19 10 - Reddit Cup update

Hey everyone, just a quick update regarding the Reddit Cup:

I was planning on messaging you all about the rules and setup, but I’m lazy and my inbox keeps freezing, so I’m just going to whack it all in this post. If you’ve received a message from me, then you’ll remember a lot of this, but there’s some extra stuff at the bottom so go read that as well.

So, thanks for putting your name down to play in the Reddit Cup. I need you to give me a little bit more info to help me keep this tournament organised. Please fill in the form below. I have made a note of the players who got their names in on time, so please refrain from filling in a form if you didn’t make it in time.

So, here’s a little bit more about the rules: – You must play on Ultimate Team – You will be put into a group of 4. – You will play against the other 3 players, once. – You will have 24 hours to play each game of FIFA. – You must send me a picture of the result, with the score and both usernames clearly visible. – Have fun!

If the 24-hour time runs out and you were unable to contact the opponent, they will lose. You must be able to prove to me that you attempted to contact them. If neither opponent attempts to play within the 24 hours, the game will go down as a loss for both players.


As I stated at the start, if you can message me within the next 24 hours to confirm. After that, I will put players into groups and we can get started.

A few extra bits here guys. I’ve had a couple people mention that they don’t want loan cards and attribute cards to be allowed. I want you guys to let me know what you think. My personal opinion is that players should be allowed to use MAX 3 loan players in their starting 11 and bench and NO attribute cards are allowed. Please let me know if you disagree.

Another thing, as this event has gathered a lot of interest, I was hoping to post the tournament progress on reddit with some fancy smancy graphics or designs. I’m no graphic designer so if any of you guys know a thing or two, please get in touch. I’ve had a few offers already so be quick!

I mentioned this to my housemate and he made a good point, due to coronavirus causing so much cancelation in football, this tournament may be one of the biggest football events currently taking place!

Also, guys, I’m sorry if I take a few hours to reply or whatever, I’m still a full-time student so bear with me, I’ll try my best.

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