Results from ~400 packs opened during Ultimate TOTS (3,417 gold players)

FIFA19 10 - Results from ~400 packs opened during Ultimate TOTS (3,417 gold players)

Last year I saved ~100 packs for Ultimate Team of the Season and came away empty handed, so I thought that this time I would go even bigger by saving almost everything I earned since the end of the Headliners promotion at the beginning of February, along with all the packs from completing the five major league SBCs. Since I started playing FUT in FIFA 17 I've wanted to pack one amazing card but my luck has been almost constantly wretched, yet I thought that with this many packs and this many gold players I was bound to come away with something. Plus, even if I didn't this would make for some interesting data on pack weight and player distributions.

So out of those ~400 packs containing 3,417 gold players, over two thousand of which were gold rares, I only packed three members of the Ultimate Team of the Season. The first was 95 Joshua Kimmich with player #1603, which was doubly depressing because it took so long to pack one and because I had already received Kimmich from the Ultimate TOTS SBC. The second one I packed was 94 Andrew Robertson with player #2213, which was frustrating again because I had gotten him from the Premier League TOTS SBC and he's much worse in-game than my RTTF Alonso. Then the last one I was able to pack was 95 Alisson with player #2677. While this proves that the pack weight for the Ultimate Team of the Season was absolutely dreadful, it should be noted that I did receive some other worthwhile cards.

Rest of the World TOTS packed: 85 Joel Valencia (card 1 which got my hopes up), 89 Alfredo Donnarumma (147), 85 Rui Silva (441), 85 Rui Silva (672), 86 Gaetan Charbonnier (711), 89 Alfredo Donnarumma (777), 86 Gaetan Charbonnier (810), 86 Vito Wormgoor (854), 87 Yong Lee (874), 88 Hans Vanaken (975), 91 Eran Zahavi (988), 86 Vito Wormgoor (1604), 89 Alfredo Donnarumma (1651), 87 Yong Lee (2182), 86 Vito Wormgoor (2353), 95 Carlos Vela (2455), 89 James Tavernier (3097), 86 Vito Wormgoor (3338), and 88 Tomas Soucek (3366).


Man of the Match cards packed: 75 Dever Orgill (944), 76 Kevin Fortune (982), and 90 Coutinho (1674).

In-Forms packed: 75 Kim Min Woo ( 34), 81 Carlos Fernandez (84), 76 Kang Min Soo (169), 82 Eder Martins (190), 75 Piao Cheng (250), 76 Kang Min Soo (286), 75 Kaminski (681), 75 Piao Cheng (867), 78 Magnus Eikrem (906), 79 Tore Reginiussen (936), 75 Ryota Nagaki (1036), 75 Augustine Mulenga (1042), 79 Juan Cuevas (1104), 75 Kim Min Woo (1117), 82 Eder Martins (1602), 75 Kim Min Woo (1760), 76 Tomeu Nadal (1856), 85 Oscar (2341), 76 Valentinos Sielies (2483), 77 Gilbert Koomson (2723), and 85 Oscar (2820).

And lastly, the card that saved my sanity was 92 Prime Moments Icon Socrates with player #2253 out of a Small Prime Electrum Players Pack. He's the first icon that I have ever packed and the only player of true significance that I managed to get out this frustrating experiment. I shudder to think how I would have felt after spending all this time and effort had I not gotten him, as it's pretty unbelievable that I could have that many gold rares and only get three relatively worthless Ultimate Team of the Season players. I don't want elite cards to be too common because it really should feel special when you get one, but it's obvious both from this sample and from the market prices we witnessed that the drop rate on Ultimate TOTS players was far too low.

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