Results of 513 81+ Ligue 1 upgrade packs

FIFA19 4 - Results of 513 81+ Ligue 1 upgrade packs

I've done pretty well trading this year, so I had a lot of coins to burn and essentially no possible upgrades to my team. The Ligue 1 81+ upgrades looked like they would have lots of TOTS, so I decided to have some fun opening a ton of upgrades.

I started buying Ligue 1 rares about ten days ago, and I ended up with something like 5600 in my unassigned pile. I started out buying these around 800 coins each, and by this past Sunday I was paying 1500 coins each. A good estimate is an average cost of 1200-1300 coins per card, so I probably spent around 7 million coins on these. Prior to this, I had a tradable TOTY Neymar and a tradable TOTY Mbappe in my team, so pulling either of them would let me sell my current version.

The process takes a long time. You can submit about one upgrade SBC per minute, so it took me about 8 hours yesterday to make all of these. I also learned that you can be soft-banned from submitting SBCs, as I kept getting kicked out of UT on console when trying to submit any SBC after about 300 upgrades. Once I switched to the companion app, I was able to finish them off.

Number of copies pulled of each 85+ rated card:


98 Neymar: 0

96 Mbappe: 1

96 Pepe: 0

95 Marquinhos: 0

95 Thiago Silva: 1

95 Cavani: 2

95 Di Maria: 4

94 Lala: 1

94 Verratti: 3

93 Benitez: 7

93 Savanier: 2

93 Thauvin: 6

92 Thiago Mendes: 2

92 Mendy: 2

91 Fonte: 6

90 Bamba: 6

89 Atal: 3

89 Delort: 2

89 Maignan: 14

88 Khazri: 2

88 Buffon: 11

86 Naldo: 8

85 Fekir: 15

85 Falcao: 8


Total TOTS: 64 (64/513=12.48%, essentially one in every eight packs)


Total walkouts: 83 (83/513=16.18%, essentially one in every six packs)



Longest streak of consecutive walkouts: 4


Longest streaks without a walkout: 14, 17, 23, 20, 14, 25, 14, 19


Total market value of 85+ cards packed: 15,691,000


Most unlikely outcome: pulling Di Maria in three straight packs.


One pack with two blues: Fonte and Atal


Obviously, I recycled many of these cards through SBCs. To economize on time, I quicksold any duplicates that weren't walkouts. I even had to quicksell a number of TOTS Maignans, as I kept pulling duplicates when I had emptied out the other cards I could use in SBCs. I ended up quickselling 5 Maignans.

I finished the last four squads of R9 for 210k, the Ligue 1 TOTS guarantee for free (packed Thauvin), TOTS Aouar for 180k, Inzaghi for 50k (put into Blanc), Flashback Depay for 150k, Blanc for 30k (put into Van Basten), Van Basten for 30k (put into Kluivert), Kluivert for 120k (put into Bergkamp), as well as a few squads that didn't require IFs in Yashin, Shearer, and Bergkamp. From the tradable packs, I pulled a TOTS Thiago Mendes (350k), and nearly a dozen LATAM TOTS worth 20-30k each. In terms of the recycling process, I spent about 800k, and the cards I packed were worth around 1.2 million (although I was quickselling anything worth under 2k, so I could have made much more with patience).


Final outcome:

Cost: about 6.5 million


Cards: all Ligue 1 TOTS except Neymar, Pepe, and Marquinhos (great fitness squad), R9 (finished the squads I needed), TOTS Aouar, Flashback Depay

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